Thursday, April 29, 2010

This is why you never throw anything away!!!

Over 25years ago we renovated the front of our house, extended the lounge room and front veranda. We sent our very old front door away to have all the paint stripped off it and instead of checking the wood first they just sandblasted it. Red Pine wasn't made to be sandblasted!!! Our beautiful door came back pitted and too badly damaged to be used again so off to the garage it went. Recently we decided to make the area outside the Dining room door into a small courtyard. I envisioned a wooden fence and some sort of gate. Hubby came home with some amazing rusty iron and I dragged the door out of the shed. This is it so far, we still have the fence along the garden to do.
How amazing does it look? This is inside the fence. I still have to find some old door knobs, but I think I have some out in the shed.
It looks just as good on the outside of the fence. So for all you hoarders.......sorry collectors, here is some justification in why you must never ever throw anything out!!! You never know when it might come in handy, do you????

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nothing happened today!!!

 I'm not very prolific at posting, sometimes it's well over a week between posts. When I see other Blogs with 3 or 4 Posts a week or some with Daily posts I feel slightly inadequate. But you know what? I shouldn't really. I mean it's pretty hard to dredge up interesting things every day, mine is just an ordinary life with little highlights along the way. You don't want to read about my days of pottering around cleaning, the frustration of not having enough time to do the things I need to do or the daily battles with my Teenager. The antics of my pets may be amusing to me but why would you want to read about Cato stealth attacking Maggie all day or Machicho barking at Sparrows in the trees for hours on end.
I could write about my poor Chooks as once again a Fox managed to clean them out, except for one and she has gone into hiding. And how the Fox came back the next night to pinch the dogs food off the back veranda. But that's it, the whole story...two sentences wouldn't interest you for very long.
There are thousands of Meme's out there I could probably join but then I tend to do only Meme posts which makes things easy I suppose. Then there is the pressure of popping into everyone's blog who has joined the meme and making a comment and honestly there is nothing wrong with that, it is actually nice to be part of something.....but the time it takes is overwhelming.
Maybe my life has just been busy and keeping up has taken over keeping in touch?
So if I seem to be lazy with Posts I'm not really, it's just another way of saying......
Dear Diary, Nothing happened today.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Then and Now

At work I see a lot of Mum's with babies and toddlers and there are  Blogs I visit where they tell of their current pregnancy or the doings of their young family and it seems like only yesterday that I was one of them
The years seem to be rushing past, here we are almost at the end of April and I'm sure Christmas was only a minute ago. My babies are all young adults now, still beautiful and doing things that make me proud
Nicky then......

Nicky now

Ben then.......
Ben Now.

David Then......
David now.
Beau Then.....
Beau Now
I'm sure that in a blink of an eye I will be showing you photos of my Grandchildren......well that's if any of my children ever show any inkling of wanting to be parents! At the moment they assure me that it's not going to happen! 

Monday, April 12, 2010


I promised in my last Post to show you all the Treasure I brought home from my Easter break. This is most of the Garage sale and Market haul. Glasses, Violet cup, saucer and plate, Scales, pitchfork, Vintage Earrings and lots of Doily's.
I'm very partial to old scales and these were both a bargain!!!
My husband who doesn't generally have an opinion on old and rusty fell in love with this tin, I was very happy he did because it had caught my eye as well!

This was my last Garage Sale purchase of the morning along with a gorgeous old suitcase. Hardly cost a thing and will look brilliant painted up in the new outside area my hubby is making for me.

After the garage sales and a restorative cuppa we headed off to the second hand shop on the hill where I found these gems. The little cup is another one to add to the Violet collection.The little Vintage brooch and bracelet are perfect to add to my ever growing collection. I just liked the plate and those Canisters are just wonderful though I have no idea where I am going to put them yet!

Mum gave me the Pascall jar last time I visited her but I forgot to bring it home, there was no way I was forgetting it this time!!!
You would think I would be over the bargain hunting wouldn't you? No, two days after getting home I found this in the local Op Shop. Very sweet.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

It's been a while...

It's been a while since I have managed to get in here have a waffle.... With one thing and another I have had so little time to sit at the computer and do anything! Emails have gone unanswered, Meme's have been neglected, nothing new on my Website, I've been very very slack!!!! Finally I have a minute to show you why I have had so little time to spare and why I couldn't tell you before now.
This is Ben's Quilt. Ben is my daughter Nicky's boyfriend and he turned 21 on Wednesday. Nicky really really wanted to give Ben an Owl Quilt for his Birthday (one that hung over the sides of a double bed!!) and seeing as she doesn't Quilt and I do, I got the job.
So in between everything else I had to do the Quilt was made. Nicky chose the Owl fabric and I found all the other fabrics in my stash. It turned out beautifully and Ben loves it.
We have also been over to my Mum's at Lakes Entrance, Vic for Easter and hopefully in the next day or two I will be able to show you all the Treasures I brought home from Garage Sales and the Market over there.