Monday, May 31, 2010

Autumn Leaves

It was a bit windy last night, thankfully not as windy as the NSW Coast has been. The Japanese Maple carpeted the back lawn with colour. It's going to be a gorgeous day!!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Every day they come to the shop. She sits and waits until he opens the door for her and helps her out of the car. He walks close beside her as they cross the pavement to the door. Some days they walk around finding the groceries he has on his list, chatting together as they go. Other days they come just for the drive, something to do together and a reason to get out of the house. He constantly watches over her, making sure she doesn't wander off or touch anything she shouldn't.Every day before they leave he goes to the ice cream freezer and pulls out a Magnum, unwraps it and gives it to her. Then he comes to the counter and pays for the ice cream and any groceries he needs to purchase. Lately he will stop for a minute and have a chat before he leaves. The other day he told me how they travelled Australia for 14 years working where ever they stopped. They did some amazing things and saw so much. The only reason they settled in our town was because his wife became ill., she has Alzheimer's and now needs his constant care.
Why do I notice these two elderly people in particular?  It's not unusual for people to love each other no matter how long they have been married, I know that but to look at your partner the way he does is heartbreakingly beautiful.. There is such love in that look it is almost a tangible thing that makes you want to reach out and touch it. A love like that can only make all our lives better for knowing it is there.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Stuff in General

Yes I have been busy but that's not why I haven't posted for a while. I just haven't really had anything much to say. I can hear Chris cackling away at that , considering the phone call we had the other night...........!
The dog is improving, still not happy about the confinement but he is coping. We've been giving him frozen bones to keep him occupied and that seems to be doing the trick for now.
Last Sunday we had a day in Albury with my Daughter and her boyfriend. Lovely to catch up and do a bit (actually quite a bit) of shopping. Apart from updating my Winter wardrobe, we visited the Sunday Market and there was a lot of very tempting bits there. Thankfully I restrained my self and only came home with this...........
It doesn't have a bottom in it and there are quite a few 'bars' missing around the bottom but still a bargain at $8. My daughter got a small tatty old blue suitcase which when opened turned out to be a picnic set with 3 Thermos, plates, cups etc.
It really was a lovely day and something we should try and do more often as she is only an hour and a half away. Now the boys are complaining I should go spend a day with them.............four and a half hours travel to Bendigo is just a little bit too much I think!
A few weeks ago I got energetic and spent a day in the garden planting seedlings. I was given an old wheelbarrow and I have planted poppies and polyanthus in it. Ross did warn me to cover it up but I didn't listen and so far I have replanted half of it 5 times. Maggie my older cat thinks I put all that lovely easy dig soil in containers to be used as her private toilet! Anyway I went outside this morning and Ross had done this.....
With any luck that will give everything a chance to grow.
I had a couple of days off work this week cause I stepped off the veranda and twisted my ankle. It wasn't so bad I couldn't do things but wouldn't have coped very well walking around on a cement floor at work all day. I took the extra time to cover an old Rocker recliner I picked up in my travels. I used a very old piece of wool fabric I had been given ages ago and it has turned out really nice. Now I have to decide whether to leave it in the sewing room where I can sit in a sunny spot on a Winter's day and hand sew or put it in my bedroom. Also where I can sit in a sunny spot to read or maybe even nap.
Either way I will have to do a fair bit of re-arranging to get it in the right spot. Looking at the background of the photo I think the first job I do will be a bit of a tidy up of the sewing room!!!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lucky I kept this

Well once again I have proved that holding onto something because it may come in handy one day is what we should all aspire to. The Play Pen!!!! It was the best thing when my kids were little. I did my ironing in it, used my sewing machine in it, put the clothes airer in it to stop the little pets stripping it and multitudes of other useful things that very rarely involved putting a child in it. After sitting in the shed for nearly 16 years it has come out of retirement to be used as a convalescent pen. The Vet said we had to contain Rev in something as big as a Play Pen....perfect!!!!

Rev has to live in here for 6 weeks!!!! We have to put a lead on him,  carry him outside to do his business then carry him back in again. No jumping or running and a minimum of walking. He is not a happy chappy at all. It's going to be a long, long six weeks for all of us I think.
He has a pin in his leg and lots of stitches. With the cold snap here he is really feeling the cold on the bare bit too! I hope he is seriously thinking about the consequences of his actions about now.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Accidents do Happen

You have met Rev in previous posts. He's the one who pretty much does what he wants when he wants. He sleeps with one of the boys every night and always manages to take up most of the bed. The number of times I have heard one of them complaining that he had only the edge of the bed cause Revvy pushed him over to the side...........! It doesn't occur to them that they could just push him over, cause he's REV and you can't do that to him.  When I'm sewing he stays in the sewing room with me, sleeping the day away. Quite often I have left him there when I've gone back up to the house and only remembered he was there after a few hours of not seeing him in the house. The car keys rattle and he's sitting at the car door ready for a trip to wherever and if he sees his lead in my hand he is almost beside himself with excitement.
He has up to 50 tennis balls under the house (that's a very conservative estimate) cause when he gets tired of fetching the ball he takes it under the house for safe keeping. In fact all his toys are under there somewhere. He is pretty much one of the most important members of our family and has been for over 12 years.
One of his habits has been to go visiting the neighbours most days. He wanders up the road, drops in on Frank then continues up to Terry's to say hello to the dogs and horses up there. After a time he wanders home again. This has gone on for years and yesterday was no exception.
Unfortunately he left his walk a little late and just on dusk on his way home he was hit by a car. He managed to get up and make his way home and the poor man who hit him followed him back and came to the door to tell us. he was so upset and apologetic.
Of course it was out of office hours but our vet is wonderful and met us at the clinic. Rev has a broken leg. He was operated on today and his leg was pinned and wired. I'll pick him up tomorrow and bring him home to be confined in a small area for several weeks. That's going to be interesting. I called in and told the driver that Rev was going to be fine and he was so relieved. I'm just grateful that he stopped and did the right thing, many wouldn't.
Now we just have to get him well and hope that when he is well he won't continue his daily visits to the neighbours.