Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lunar Eclipse

Did you go outside and look at the partial Lunar eclipse last night????

Saturday, June 26, 2010

What sport do I play?

Reading all the blogs that I do I rarely find any reference to the sports that people play. They Craft, collect, care for the kids and do all sorts of interesting things. but do they play any sport???? Well this is my Sport. not extremely athletic I must admit but it is fun. I mix with people from 10 to well into their 80's who all enjoy their couple of hours on a Winter Monday night playing a game of Carpet Bowls. Each team consists of four players and one or two spares. My team has three women and one man with ages from almost 50 (yes I'm nearly there!!!) to just over 80. We don't really have too much to do with each other outside of Bowls but we get on really well together.  Our team has reached the middle of the ladder half way through the season which puts us in B grade. Last year we won the B Grade final and I suppose we can only aspire to getting in the Final again this year.  My 16 year old son, Beau has gathered some school mates and they have a team as well. This is their first year and they aren't doing too well but are having a ball. I was so relieved that when we played them we won!!! Can you imagine what it would have been like at home if we hadn't? It is really good for them to get out and mix with different age groups.
Last Monday night we played singles.  Poor Beau got absolutely annihilated !! I won my first game and was only just beaten in my second game by the lady who is now in the Singles final. I feel pretty good about that.
So what Sport do you Play?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Letty has a sister

I was supposed to have all day yesterday and today sewing. Well you know what happens when you have plans......I did get today in the room and thankfully I had everything sewn and cut out. The power went out just after lunch and stayed that way until 4.30. I sat in the gloom stuffing and painting and when I did need the sewing machine the power was back!!  If you have only just started reading my Blogs you may not realise I am a passionate hoarder/collector and in all that stuff I have  a Treadle sewing machine and a hand cranked machine which means sewing wouldn't have been a problem anyway. So, despite the power disappearing Letty's sister was born.

Meet Violet. She has the sweetest dress made from a vintage Apron with the original Ric-Rac. Her hair is plaited and tied with stained muslin. I am loving the way these dolls look and have several more drawn up ready to come to life in the coming weeks.
Now getting back to the Power. We are OK when the power goes off. I have a Combustion Stove and Gas stove for cooking, a wood heater to keep me warm. I can sew if needs be and we have battery powered lamps for light. If it is stinking hot we have the swimming pool or the Creek down the back. The only thing we don't have is water as it is pumped from the tank to the house. A friend of mine has all electric heating, cooking and pumped water so can't even make a cuppa while waiting for the lights to come on!!!! How much does having no Power affect you???

Monday, June 14, 2010

Winter is definitely here!!!!!!!!

All Summer we swelter in 40 degree Celsius days and are constantly wishing for Winter. Now it is Winter, what are we wishing for??? You guessed it!! Yesterday it was -5 when we woke and this morning is no different. Heavy frost covered the garden freezing everything. It is beautiful and Sunny outside now but the air is still very very cold.
It really is very pretty, the spider webs are like lace and the plants sparkle in the sun that manages to get through the fog. Lucky I love Coats and scarves isn't it?

Thursday, June 10, 2010


You know when you get an idea in your head and over time it evolves until finally it is what you want? Letty was one of those ideas and though I am very happy with her  she still isn't really exactly what I know she can be. Now Letty will have Sisters as I change things and get all my ideas turned to reality with fabric and paint.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Lovely Weekend

My daughter Nicky and her boyfriend Ben came home yesterday afternoon for the night.. It is Nick's Birthday tomorrow and we had a early Birthday dinner last night for her. Then we headed out in the paddock where a few years worth of garden debris has been stacked up and put a match or two or three to it..It was a massive fire which is still burning and will continue to burn for a few days yet I think.
We had Sparklers and of course Marshmallows, cooked on very , very long sticks!!!
Yesterday was one of those Foggy days where the Fog started to lift as the next lot came in and as I tried to take photos with my not so wonderful camera.......
The Fog started to get thicker until all I could get was this.......
I spent the afternoon making the Birthday Cake to Nicky's specifications. I had thought that these sort of cakes were in the past for me as my children are all young adults now.
But no, a triceratops was asked for and this is what she got. It was fun doing the cake, brought back memories of Tractor and Bailer cakes, Music boxes, Koala's, Yellow Mini Cars and the like.
So all that we had to do after dancing (not really) around the Bonfire was blow out the candles. And of course there were Presents too!!
More Fog when we woke today but eventually the day came out nice and we fired up the old copper which now does duty as a Fire pot, threw the BBQ plate on it and had a leisurely BBQ lunch.
Of course it was the perfect day to have a nice Nanna nap late in the afternoon (not just me either) Nothing like snuggling up on a cool Winter afternoon for an hour or two.
Left overs and Golden Syrup Dumplings was a nice easy dinner for us tonight before Nick and Ben packed up and headed home.
It really was a lovely weekend!!!