Wednesday, August 18, 2010

 These three kids are doing a wonderful thing over the next school holidays They are hoping to raise $5000 by collecting Donations, running a  massive raffle and from sponsorship. They have designed a T Shirt with the above picture on the front and any business that donates $50 or more gets there business name printed on the back. This is the predominating event in our family's life at the moment according to Beau. .Beau is my youngest son, Elly and Flynn are his best mates. Elly is the organising force behind the walk, having already walked 127km from Albury to Corryong last year for the same cause. It won't be easy as you can see from the map.
There's a bit of a Mountain in there somewhere. They still have a bit of sorting out to do yet. They were hoping for a little help from Sports stores and other shops for the shoes and clothes they will be wearing but I suppose they are all a little tired of being asked for donations from everyone trying to raise money. Anyway one way or the other they will get everything they need and bright and earlyish on the 19th of September they will set off on their big adventure. If you live somewhere along the way they would appreciate you coming out to cheer them on or even walking a little bit of the way with them. If you want anymore information you are quite welcome to email me.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lazy Day

With heaps of extra hours at work the last two weeks and today being my only day off this week I am having a decidedly lazy day. Usually on Thursday I rush around finishing things off to list on my website sometime late in the afternoon. Not today!!!
I stewed up a heap of apples on Monday and early this morning I turned them into this..........

My boys love Apple Pie and they will store nicely in the Freezer until one or both come home from Bendigo or someone goes to visit them.. You will notice that while I was out of the house this afternoon someone decided to have a slice for afternoon tea before heading off to milk.
While the pies were cooking I made a big pot of Chicken soup which will also go into the freezer (well what we don't eat anyway) for the boys, unless my daughter comes home first. She loves my home made soup!! I thoroughly enjoyed pottering around the kitchen this morning as I rarely have (or take) the time to do these things.
This afternoon I had a little shopping to do and instead of rushing around the shops I took the time to have a bit of a look around. We are only a very small town so there aren't too many shops to get round but I stopped and chatted with people I knew and just took my time. Really didn't buy anything exciting just a lovely berry candle and some bits I needed in the sewing room.
I've had a lovely chat to my friend on the phone and it was actually a quick one for us ( No more than an hour!!) Caught up with my brother and sister and visited a few blogs I have been meaning to take a look at.
 I really should have a lazy day more often I think.

(P.S. For those of you who have been wondering how my dog Rev is.....He finally had the pin out of his leg on Monday and is finally out of the Play Pen!! It has taken a couple of days for him to realise he is actually free to come and go again. We are keeping a good eye on him though to make sure he doesn't start visiting the neighbours again cause I don't think I can afford another broken leg and couldn't cope with anything worse than that.  I just had a look at the original post about his accident and can you believe it was on the 11th of May???)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

What a difference a week makes!

Last Sunday it was wet!!! Nothing to do but stay inside. Today it is the most beautiful day, just look at the cows behind my house enjoying the sun!. After getting the things I had to do done I went out and finally pruned the roses and pulled some weeds in the gardens. I feel so much better now I have finally tended to the poor neglected Roses. I think they were left last year, maybe a little deadwood cut out of them but no pruning. The washing dried on the clothes line which is wonderful. No Clothes Airers all over the house tonight. It's amazing how much better I feel after a few hours of Sunshine!!!
I took photos a week ago on the progress next to work. Lots done and lots more to do.
A week later this is what it looks like. The metal frame you can see to one side of the photo is the tower. The huge crash we heard yesterday morning at work was the Tower finally falling.
The only good thing about lousy weather is I don't mind being inside which means. I get lots of sewing done. The August Edition of The Chocolate Crow trader will be out on the 15th. Here's just a hint of the three items I will have on my page.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Today is a day for sleeping in and listening to the rain on the roof. Maybe curling up in your favourite chair and reading the latest novel. It's a good baking day, filling the kitchen with warm smells of cakes and biscuits. The aroma filling the house. It is not a good day for pruning neglected roses, or pulling the weeds that are poking their heads up everywhere. It's also not a good day to wash sheets and towels, the school uniforms or the work clothes.
Today I won't be pruning those poor roses but I will be washing the towels and sheets and anything else that needs doing. Laundry Style decor is starting to grow on me!. No sleeping in, or reading (well maybe just a few pages) No baking either. Today I have an appointment with the computer and the ATO. Hopefully it will be a profitable day!!!!!