Tuesday, February 21, 2012

JaM-What's on the Mannequin

Or what have you been Sewing, Making, Baking, Thrifting this week?  I've just had four days at home alone, just me and the animals so there has been a little bit of everything happening here.
The cupboard cleaning has continued  and more forgotten treasures have been found. A rabbit skin coat which is quite tattered that I was going to recycle but now will have go to someone who will actually do something with it
 and this Chenille Bedspread that was going to be used as well but has sat there for so long I think it will have to move on as well

I took three huge bags of stuff to the Op Shop on Friday and as usual I didn't leave there empty handed. I came away with a pile of Vintage Doileys for a couple of dollars

 And in the midst of all the cleaning I have managed to start another Quilt. It is so much quicker when all the squares have been pre cut (even if it did take me days to cut them all!!)

Last night an easy dinner as I had my Indoor Bowls AGM to get to. Ben was most impressed to come home from holidays to one of his favourites...Egg and Bacon Pie.  And I was happy to come home from the AGM    without the job of Secretary which I have done for 11 years!!!  
So there you go, no clothes on a mannequin like Jody but a little sewing, making, baking and thrifting happening around here.  For more of Jam this week why don't you visit Jody and see who else is joining in!


Jody Pearl said...

WOW Jackie you ticked all the boxes!

Either there's more hours in the day over at your place or you're Super Woman.

Thanks for joining in Jackie. x

Andrea said...

Lucky you 4 days in the house all to yourself.......the things you can do..... just love having a good clean-up every now and then.
Happy quilting.

DEB said...

Egg and Bacon Pie looks delicious!

The Moonlit Stitch said...

I've been craving breakfast cassarole for weeks Jackie-your bacon/egg pie put me over the edge! LOL! 4 days with only the animals...I can't imagine what I'd get done! ~*~Lisa

Lisa - Sweet Little Pretties said...

Egg and Bacon Pie looks yummy!
I might make one.

Pauline said...

good grief girl...is that all you could fit in???? hahahah...love the doilys I can't resist them myself when I go to op shops..love love love them...glad you enjoyed your days alone...cheers

Ava said...

I recently saw a quilt with a ticking style background and doilies cut and layered on top. I'm thinking I will copy it. Your quilt looks like it is going to be gorgeous