Tuesday, February 14, 2012

JaM - What's your favourite Blog Post from the Past?!

This week Jody asks us to share a favourite post, either one of our own or someone else's. A moment that stopped you, made you think or coloured your world differently.
This post immediately came to mind. Maybe because it's Valentines Day today and definitely  because they made such an impression on my life.
I caught up with him just before Christmas and sadly his wife had gotten to the point where she had to go into the Hostel as he could no longer look after her properly. She had stopped eating and had very few lucid days. It absolutely tore him apart having to part from her but he visits her every day and helps the staff care for her. I was relieved to hear that he had joined a couple of things in town and was heading off to one of his daughters for Christmas. His son in law had arranged for him to go on a helicopter ride while he was there. I can't wait to see him again and find out how that went. I can see that wonderful twinkle in his eye already as he tells me of his adventures.

The other post isn't that old but it brought memories and emotions flooding to the surface.
http://punkysmamma.blogspot.com.au/2012/02/emotional-eating.html  My Dad passed away over 20 years ago but sometimes it seems like only yesterday. Even as I type this my eyes are filling.  It isn't just food that brings him back to me for just a moment, there is a song, a waltz, going fishing and a lot of other little things that we shared along the way.

We have so many people and their words at our fingertips nowadays . Some share their innermost thoughts and others just share their day. Some make us cry, laugh, think and even make changes to our lives. Have you got a special Blog post to share? Join  us here and share some words.


Pam said...

Oh yes I remember that post Jackie! Such a touching one. :) So nice to hear that he has managed to keep going with his life, and not just fallen into a heap himself.

and as strange as it sounds, I wish I had those emotions/feelings, good and sad, for my late father, but unfortunately I never knew him enough before he died. So in a way they are all something for you to definitely cherish.
Lovely post Jackie. xxx

Jody Pearl said...

Thanks for joining in with 2 beautiful posts Jackie - both surprisingy poignant & relevent here at the moment.
Dan & I only last night broached the subject of our twilight years as we plan renovations designed to see us to the end and as Dan has recently REdiscovered Pecks Paste, Vics post makes me wonder if our daughters will remember it fondly.

Lisa - Sweet Little Pretties said...

Fantastic posts - I have tears in my eyes reading these stories