Sunday, April 1, 2012

My Place and Yours-Outside

This week Leonie is our Theme Queen and she has chosen "something we see everyday outside" I planned on doing this post yesterday and went out reasonably early to take the photos and get them sorted so I could post after lunch. As is often the way things go my plans for the afternoon got waylaid by an invitation to go into town and look at the stalls and the Art and Photography exhibition that are a part of The Man from Snowy River Festival here this weekend.
So now it is after lunch today and I am finally getting the post done.

For two lovely relaxing weeks I saw this everyday while I was over the coast visiting my Mum.

Home again and I am waking up to misty mornings that slowly evolve into beautiful Autumn days here in the mountains. The trees are slowly putting on their colourful  coats and the nights are getting cooler.

What do you see everyday when you go outside?  To join in or see more 'outsides' visit Leonie at strandkorbtraum


Vintage Bird Girl said...

What a beautiful spot!

strandkorbtraum said...

aye very different from my place, but lovely, I wish I could switch place with you.
I'm looking forward to the day when I'm done with university and can go back to the country. I'm told the town I live in is a small town, but compared to the towns around home it's huge.

Jenny's Craft Place said...

As lovely as the pic is while visiting your Mum, there's no place like home... love the views :) Happy crafting, Jenny

Deb Robertson said...

Oh that is so lovely :)

Anonymous said...

A gorgeous view- lovely pics Jackie! :) Barb x

Sally said...

You certainly live in a very beautiful part of Australia. Just gorgeous.