Tuesday, April 24, 2012

JaM-What's the Weather like at your place?

JaM this week is an exercise in noticing the seasons and the weather is making itself very noticeable today. Rather than a cool whisper of Autumn  it is a windy roar.

You don't even have to go outside to know that it is probably at least chilly today. I lit the fire this morning and the cats have found their spot.

If you look out the back of the house it is dark clouds

And walk around the front of the house and there is blue sky.
There has been rain and wind on and off all morning.

We have beautiful Autumn foliage everywhere

And with all the wind today most of it will be on the ground by nightfall.
Jody did say take five photos but as we will soon have no flowers in the garden I had to include these two photos

Probably the last of the Dahlias for the season and the Chrysanthemums  lightening up a dark day.
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Lib said...

No doubt about it, definitely a cat's world! They always know the best places to be.

DEB said...

Not so bad here in Tassy, as I saw people in T shirts and shorts and it was about 20 degrees. But I know it's just around the corner.

Jody Pearl said...

Beautiful Jackie - I love the cold with the change of colour and cosied up cats round a warm fire but not the wind...can't stand the wind - makes me irritable. Snow I'm unfamiliar with however pretty sure I could live with it.

Thanks for joining in this week. x

Jenny's Craft Place said...

Love the Autumn pics, Jackie :) It looks like the cat is sitting in front of a computer by the wood stove...lol...!!! Happy crafting, Jenny

Andrea said...

Such beautiful views love those clouds floating by............
Smart cats.....perfect place for an afternoon nap.

primitive ole frugal mumma said...

oh its a cats life lol , we have had a pretty good Autumn here in tas and im loving the colours it brings!!


crzylady said...

oh! The colors are glorious and although I am happy to be getting to sweltering days filled with adult beverages.. this makes me want to cozy up with a nice cuppa and a blanket!

Melissa said...

It all looks so pretty, Love the cats they always know the best place to be
Have a great week

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your pics Jackie! It's lovely to see the gorgeous Autumn colours and pretty flowers. BTW, it looks like the cats know the best spot on a cold day! Barb x

Vicki from Mammy's Choice said...

Love the cats!! We have one too that as soon as the fire is lit, she is the first one and the closest one there. Last winter, the silly thing just about cooked itself. We could smell this odd smell...cannot believe she did not even realise. Love your pics!! I just love the colours of autumn. As for rain!!! do not even get me started. Lets hope this weekend. x Vicki

Pam said...

It does seem like a mix of seasons Jackie! :) ...with the lovely flowers and the blue sky, then the very pretty autumn colours and grey clouds with the furry babies knowing exactly where to go in the cold. lol. They're definitely not silly hey? x