Tuesday, May 1, 2012

JaM-As a child

Thinking back to my childhood brings back memories of endless days of Summer spent at the beach where we ran wild for months on end.  I can also remember making dolls clothes from a very early age and I was making my own clothes when I was 12. All I wanted to be was a Teacher but that didn't happen and despite Maths being  my weakest subject at school I ended up in banking.

But sewing in one form or another has always been in my life, from making mine and my children's clothes, Quiltmaking, Dolls and lots of other things as well so I suppose having my Website and making everything I sell on it was my destiny really. I did manage to get the Teaching bit in too because I did teach  Patchwork and Dollmaking on and off for a few years at home and with the Community Centre.

 It was serendipity for this particular subject to come up right now because of what happened at Indoor bowls last night. We played the Team made up of employees of the  DSE. I hadn't met the man in the other  team that I was playing against (even though he has lived in Corryong for 6 years!) but after chatting for a few minutes we realised that we actually went to school together  at Orbost High School  in the early 70's. Our family moved here to Corryong half way through Form 3 (Year 9 nowadays).  Although neither of us remembered the other we had a lovely couple of hours 'Do you remembering' and there were so many people we both remembered. I dug out my Form 1 photo this morning and sure enough there he was up in the back row 5th from the end. (I'm somewhere in the middle)
Thank you Jody for your perfect timing so I can share  with you a night of Remembering.
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The Moonlit Stitch said...

Cool pictures Jackie! So sweet-I do love the memories of summer as a kid! ~*~Lisa

Jody Pearl said...

Gorgeous photos and lovely memories Jackie and isn't it a small world!

Thanks for joining in this week. x

Jenny's Craft Place said...

A lovely post, Jackie :) Happy crafting, Jenny

Jenny's Craft Place said...

P.S. Is this your way of saying you didn't win the bowls game? lol :)

Pam said...

They are very sweet pics Jackie! You have such beautiful hair. I'll bet you still have that dress too. :))
You know, I don't think I've ever come across any old school chums yet!
How lovely that you were able to catch up and reminisce with one. x

Andrea said...

Lovely photos Jackie, did you have the cardboard dolls with paper clothes too?
Amazing to catch up with an old school friend and just love those old high school photos...........