Sunday, May 6, 2012

Poor Justin

Now I suppose you are wondering why on earth I am putting an article about space on my Blog? My 70+ neighbour found this in the Age,  thought the  remark that I have highlighted was hilarious and he said I should put it on my Blog and share it. In an article about astronomy the reference to Justin Beiber is just so unexpected and really does stand out. What is it about this young man that causes so many derogatory remarks from so many people?


Pam said...

Something I've wondered in passing a couple of times Jackie. :)
Given that I don't actually listen to his music I couldn't even say whether it's that or something completely different. I've also heard a lot of comments about his hair style(the one he had when he first came to light) and I can see why! I personally found it a very odd one, but then that's just my own perspective. I know there would be others that thought it fabbo. :))
Maybe it's that tall poppy syndrome? Who knows?
If you ever find out, let me know, yes? lol.

The Moonlit Stitch said...

Poor Justin, LOL. He's really not that bad, but I'm glad he got rid of that haircut that swept the planet. Any young man who rents a stadium out to take his girlfriend to dinner has my vote. At least he's not strung out and on parole! ~*~Lisa

DEB said...

Oh baby, baby, baby!

Chris said...

I'm not a "beleiber" but I do think he cops a pounding from the press that I don't think he deserves...Some how, with all of his fans, I think he will be around for a while...even my 3yo neice loves him and has recognised his face since she was about 18 months old! thats a "Beleiber" right there!!!!