Monday, June 18, 2012

JaM-A little bit of this........

A much better week here this week, far more positives than negatives.

Now that most of the leaves are off the trees it is time to start cleaning up the yard. Good progress was made  yesterday with a small part of the yard raked, the Banksia rose that had been damaged in heavy wind  and frost damaged plants have been cut back.

My knitting is progressing.

I've been Op Shopping, looking for special bits and pieces for the Op Shop Swap. I'm glad to say that I found exactly what I was looking for to put in Andrea's parcel and found this very retro tray for me.
My eldest son has come home for a couple of weeks and it is nice to spend some time with him,
I also did a bit of Retail therapy this week cause it always helps when life isn't going to plan and managed to find everything I wanted at 50% off and bargain of the week?.......Two legs of Lamb for $8.99 a kilo. It really doesn't take much to make me happy.

Take a moment to share your week or pop in and see what we have been up to here


Jody Pearl said...

2 Legs of Lamb for that price would have put a smile on my face too.

Glad to hear you had a better week and that you've had your son 'round to share it with...I got to see more of my eldest last week only 'cause she had food poisoning and needed her mum....

Thanks for joining in JaM this week Jackie. x

Chris said...

Good on you J!

So when is the lamb roast....I'm warming the car up all ready for the long drive!

Andrea said...

See how shopping can life the spirit, glad to hear your having a better week! I to have been op shopping my little heart away.........and of course a coffee or too!
Trip to the big Smoke(Melb)to visit the family just reminds me why i love living in the country.
Keep Warm.X

Barb said...

Jackie,I'm glad this week has been better for you. Isn't it great when you find items that you want/need on sale! Enjoy your Op shop finds and how wonderful to have your son home for a while! :)

Melissa said...

Glad you are having a better week, stay warm and dry