Sunday, June 3, 2012

MPAY-Your Pets

This week MPAY is all about the family pets. Readers of my Blog are quite familiar with the furry children in my house as they appear quite often. Fred, Cato, Machicho and  of course Rev pop there heads in here whether I want them to or not. 

 So this week I am sharing some of my other pets that don't appear very often and live in this mess.
 Meet the Rats if you haven't run across them in here before. I inherited them from my youngest son Beau when he left home.  He did name them at one stage but I can't remember what the names were.
 They are a much maligned creature for good reason when they live in your ceiling or shed but as a pet they are affectionate, interesting and funny. It took me a little while to warm to rats as pets but once I had (been forced) to hold one, I was lost!

They have the cutest little feet that they use just like hands. Twitchy little noses and whiskers and are curious about everything. They spend hours dragging all the nice clean newspaper I put on the bottom of their cage , up into the basket to make an elaborate and warm nest.
The other animals love them to bits but I think that has more to do with lunch than a genuine wish to make friends. The rats have no fear at all and will stick their noses through the cage when the cats come calling on them. Just look at those cute little noses!!!!!!!
Of course my little girl was at my feet while the Rats had their pictures took. Look at that sweet face........she would eat those rats in a minute if she could get hold of them!
Please join Cherie and  MPAY this week and share your pets with us.


Cherie said...

Oh Jackie your little girl is divine, Now those rats I'll not make any comment as I'm of the school where they were scarey pests not lovable pets that I know they are to many, many people. They are super cute and I can imagine if I had them round I'd become besotted with those wiggling little noses too. Loving you post Jackie and Many Thanks for playing along. Hope your week is wonderful. xo

Pam said...

Ooh she IS a divine little girl as Cherie says, Jackie! What a face and how could you resist it??!! lol.
I'm sure I'd love those little varmints too if I ever had any. Although I think I prefer my pets larger in size. Those poor wee things might get sat on by mistake, they're so tiny! But their faces are ever so sweet aren't they?! ♥

The Moonlit Stitch said...

We were just at the pet store yesterday and they had rats. I understand once you own a pet rat, you fall in love with them. I'm not there yet, but maybe someday! Your little pup looks like a sweetie! ~*~Lisa

Mandy said...

I'm a dog girl so I love you little doggie! She looks just sweet as can be!

can't comment about rodents though... ekkkkk..... My dog would catch 'em though! lol

Anonymous said...

Pet rats can be cute and are great for those with limited space. However, my favourite pet will always be my gorgeous dogs. BTW, take care in this severe weather Jackie! Barb x

quilary said...

Your dog is completely adorable...she makes me want to get a dog!(and boy wouldn't my kids like to hear me say that!)...not sure about the rats, but as I've warmed to our guinea pigs I can imagine it's possible to get to know them and love them!

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