Sunday, March 10, 2013

Filling the Wood Shed

Even though the weather is still very hot and sticky here it won't be long until the nights start drawing in early and we will be looking for a little bit of warmth. I headed out to the farm at nine this morning to help get the first of our winter wood in.

There were a couple of canine helpers there but they both spent most of the time looking for shade.

The log splitter made it all so much easier and with any luck it was all cut to the right size today, which means   I can put the axe into retirement this winter.

The trailer was filled and the back of the Rocky so it was a good start to the Winter wood collection and a good reason to have a quick Nanna nap this afternoon.


Burgundy Primettes said...

Great start for the wood collection, been told this winter will be the wetest & coldest we have had in a while, trying to motivate my males to start collecting wood now - wish me luck lol. Sandra

Andrea said...

Hi Jackie, what a great start to this winter's wood supply!!! sure will keep you cosy.