Thursday, March 28, 2013

Preparing for Easter.

It's been a busy couple of weeks here with children coming and going, job interviews for a couple of us and just life in general. I am looking forward to a few quiet days over Easter to relax with my family.
The sky is ominously black today  though there hasn't been very much rain so far this morning. I am sure that the Easter campers are all watching the weather and hoping for clear skies. We have had a some good rain over the past few weeks and the country is looking lovely and green. 
Over the past week I have seen flocks of Ibis in the paddock next to the house. There have been crows/ravens as well. There have been a lot of birds flying overhead, I guess they are all heading to wherever it is they spend the winter.
The garden is looking much better than it usually does this time of year thanks to the rain we have had. The leaves on the trees are thinking about changing into their autumn hues. With warm days and lovely cool nights, I have to say that this is my very favourite time of the year. 
The grand kids are still here, but only for another week. I will miss those two furry babies when they move into their new home with their mum. They have been here for so long now they are a part of my  furry family. 
Today these are being turned into soup, along with lots of  fresh herbs.  I love being able to walk just outside my back door and pick the ingredients to make soups and fresh salads. Once all the tomatoes have ripened the garden will be finished for the Summer. I have the Hot Cross Bun dough started as well. So much nicer than any that you can buy. With the rain getting heavier outside it is the perfect day for cooking and pottering around inside getting ready for the weekend.
Have a happy Easter everyone!


Jenny's Craft Place said...

Great range of pics, Jackie. I hope you manage a lovely cool, rainy day to enjoy your soup :) Best wishes, and happy crafting, Jenny x

The Moonlit Stitch said...

Love all of your pics Jackie, especially the dark sky pic - awesome! I can hear the thunder rolling. I bet you will miss those kitties, they find their way into your heart! Can't wait for fresh veggies - your garden is so beautiful ~*~Lisa

Anonymous said...

Hi Jack
Long time no visit :-/ sorry, hope your Easter was a happy relaxing one. I was looking at the pictures of your two fur babies and my goodness the tabby looks exactly like our Bart, or Bartley, or Bart-master, and we also have our little ginger Sookie, but your ginger baby is somewhat larger than our girl, I will have to post some pictures.Don't ya just love home grown !! glad all is well with you and yours, Hugs
Chris xo