Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bread and the garden.

It is a perfect Spring morning here. I had planned on getting up  and getting organised so I could get to the farmers market early. I was on a mission. A later start than planned because of a lovely early morning phone call with my sister, I still got there and found what I had headed there for.
Bread, lovely homemade bread to go with the Tapenade I had bought earlier in the week. You really do need the right bread for it you know.
She didn't have the Olive bread she makes but I did get a feta loaf and a sun dried tomato and feta loaf which is just as good.
I am thankful I didn't have too much money on me as there were a couple of plant stalls and even though there was heaps I could have come home with I was restrained by the wallet. So only two pots ended up being mine.

I am a little bit in love with geraniums at the moment although I have to keep them in pots and bring them under the veranda over the winter, otherwise the frosts here destroy them. The one I bought today is a double pale pink one. Very pretty. The other plant is to go in the new bed up the side. ( I will show photos when it starts to look respectable)

Have this lot to put in some time over the weekend as well. There are only 11 punnets and some of them are vegetables although with more frosts expected, the vegies may need to go in pots for a while. I already have a couple of tomato plants growing beautifully in pots under cover.

And yes there is plenty of room because I have filled the tandem trailer with all my pruning and weeding this week.  The big achievement is that I hooked it on to the car and drove it up the front yard then backed the mongrel thing. I knew I could do it but the males in this house were very surprised that I could manage it. 
I have found it extremely hard to knuckle down and study with the weather being so amazing. The five minute break can turn into an hour if I'm not careful cause I will think, "I'll just work on this little bit for a minute then go back to the books."  I'm not sure who I'm trying to fool when I think that but I have managed to keep on track with the study and get the garden under control.


mel @ loved handmade said...

That bread looks so good! Our garden needs a little tlc, and our house for that matter..finding the time is the hardest part x

Pam said...

I'm a wee bit late with this comment Jackie I know. But I did make it! lol
I'd love to make bread like that myself...... :)
Have always loved geraniums. They're one of my favs. I have a huge one at the bottom of the back steps that is often smothered in such vibrant red flowers. Amazing to see.
You must be very wicked you never seem to rest do you! x
Still can't understand how you've managed to stick with all that studying, all this time! Maybe it's coz I'm probably incredibly undisciplined when it comes to that sort of thing....or maybe just plain lazy!!! lolol.
Big hugs. ♥

Pam said...

p.s. don't fall over, but I've finally put up a post on the blog! I know!!!! Amazing hey? ;D x