Saturday, November 9, 2013

Been a while, hasn't it?

Its been a month since I managed to get myself organised to get something on to my blog. Like my friend Pam said on a recent post : "I figure one really does need to have something mildly interesting to report on ........"
Some of the Blogs I visit are very prolific and most days have something posted to them but that isn't me. No pondering on the state of the world at large or in my community, the most interesting thing that goes through my brain at the moment is related to what we are going to eat for dinner or, "Do I debit or credit an asset account when I do that?"  

I have got the vegie garden almost in and spend quite a bit of time covering and uncovering because we are still having the odd frost now and then. I had to get things in the ground though because punnets of seedlings start to get a little restless if left too long. They just run out of room!!!

The Bookkeeping course is coming along but there are days when I just throw my hands in the air and walk away. Not sure if it is actually the course or just sitting on my bum at the computer for hours on end. Probably a reason why my blog has been neglected as well.I spend a lot of time in the garden tidying and mowing.  I think it is my excuse to get up from the computer and move around a little bit. I had a whole day out in the paddock getting wood last weekend. My neighbour very generously gave me a huge limb which is now sitting in my woodshed ready for next winter.

The grand kids are here for a couple of weeks as well while my daughter is off gallivanting around New Zealand again. This time there are three of them driving around and planning their own tour. Last I heard she was sleeping in a forest retreat and going on a helicopter flight. It's such a hard life for the young these days.
Poe is my daughter's new baby, a tiny little black bundle of sweetness.  Poe is having a lovely adventure exploring everything and making friends with all who cross her path. She is still a little unsure about the dogs and gives them a quiet hello and moves on very quickly.

And of course Atticus is back. I couldn't get a decent photo today because he had been waiting for Fred, then Poe to finish eating so he could have a turn. I did remind him that there were two other bowls of pellets but for some reason they all like to eat from this one.
Yesterday it was 30 degrees and extremely humid. I started my spring cleaning by washing the ceiling and walls in the bathroom. I always start on the smallest room and work my way up and thank god I did!
Today it is cool, overcast and much better weather for manual labor if I muster the energy to do any more. Having a combustion stove and wood heater means everything gets very grotty over the winter.
Well I had better get off this thing and get organized. You know how I said it has been a month since I was here last,  it is the Farmers Market again this morning and I think I will go for a wander and see what I can find there today. Maybe more bread or some more plants for the garden??


So I've been for a wander around the Market and have come home with Spinach and Feta bread and some lovely rhubarb. Mum used to give us stewed rhubarb and custard for dessert when we were little and I am remembering how much I liked it although I'm not making the custard. 


Pam said...

Aww look at you linking me up to your post Jackie! What a sweet friend you are. Thanks. ♥
Love your garden! Such a great size and fenced too. Just what I'd like, if I could get myself organised. lol.
I think you have to get up and go do something different occasionally when you're tied to the computer like that Jackie, otherwise you'd go stir crazy! and the garden is always a nice place to be.
Nicky's new baby is very sweet. Love black cats!
Sounds like it's starting to heat up down there, well before up here! Don't think I could take those temps you get down there, and we're in the sub tropics! I've never understood why though, coz you're so much souther(just made that up!) than I am.
Don't forget to ask them if you could buy just a cutting ok? lol.

Patrica Ball Morrison said...

Well some times I just cannot get here either to post...but oh my that bread looks yummy; I love a heavy crusty bread...the unwritten blog rule, do what you want when you want, it's all yours. :-)

Jody Pearl said...

It's always lovely to have you pop in for a chat & catch-up, regardless of what you've been up to, or not....although I wish you'd brought that bread with you. x

vuorg said...