Sunday, November 17, 2013

Still pottering around.

The inmates seem to have settled down a little bit although they are constantly hanging around the outside doors looking for any opportunity to get back outside. That little taste of freedom has made them hungry for more. Only one more week and their mother will be home to break them out of here.

After living with my green kitchen for a couple of days I pulled the paint and brushes out again and moved into the lounge room, still loving the colour enough to do the hall as well. That's it for a while I think. There is only so much painting a person can do.

Not content to have most of the muscles in my body groaning from going up and down a ladder and waving a paintbrush around, I decided to push things a little further and get stuck into the herb garden and give it a tidy up. I had barely finished when my friend Caitlin arrived with all of her pot plants. She is moving very soon and I am babysitting her plants until she is settled. We popped most of them around the herb garden but I think one or two may have to find a shadier spot to live.

I seem to be the one to come to when ever something needs looking after, whether it is cats, pot plants  or a push bike. Yes I am looking after one of them for someone until he decides what to do with it.

This morning I tidied along the rose garden and cleared the grass growing up the centre of the drive. I have definitely tested out pretty much every muscle I possess now. There is lots more to do in the garden but I think I need to have a break or I'll be walking around bent over like a little old lady and that's not a good look. A few days of study ahead and then maybe back into it again. 
There are days I wonder why on earth I have such a large garden but when it is all tidied up and the lawns are mowed it does look pretty special. I think I might just sneak off and have a little nanna nap before doing anything else. 


Pam said...

Look at you powering ahead with your posts Jackie! I'm surprising myself with all the ones I've done in last few weeks! Aren't we good? lol.
It is a lovely colour paint and I think it's a good thing to add just a blush of colour to our lives every now and then. But then I also think it's great to add a lot of bright colour too from time to time! :)
and you're right, your garden is rather special. You did good! ♥

simplestitches said...

your garden is looking lovely as always Jackie...

Jody Pearl said...

You're a machine Jackie - all looks lovely. x