Friday, November 15, 2013

The great escape

So the escape plan was hatched and it was only a matter of time before the warden was otherwise occupied so it could be put into action. Red, a long time inmate managed to get inside the prison where the two desperate inmates were being kept. He was well known for his strength but not so much for his cunning. Finally the day arrived, The Warden was showering, and M and R (Machicho and Rev the dogs) the guards were still sleeping.
Red (AKA Fred)
 Red used all the strength he had to bash open the back door of the prison and the two inmates (known only as A & P) made good their escape.
Prisoner A
The Warden was pissed  off not very impressed to say the least when she came out of the bathroom to find the back door of the Prison wide open and A & P gone. She knew full well who they had convinced to break down the door and he was in for the beating of his life. (more like a tongue lashing until he looked up with his huge sad eyes with no idea of what he had done) 

Prisoner P
She glimpsed P as she ran under the house but there was no sign of A. After a quick search A was found in his old haunts. Long term prisoners aren't that smart really. He was quickly apprehended and re incarcerated. Prisoner P was harder, she hid under the prison block and thinking she was smart ran into the shed where the prison vehicles are kept. Once the doors were shut she had nowhere to go and eventually was apprehended as well.
Unfortunately prisoner A learnt quickly (for a change) that head butting the back door of the prison would eventually lead to freedom. Extra locks have been installed (nail in door frame and wire around handle) and he is now prowling the prison desperate to taste freedom once more.
Hopefully he will settle down this afternoon and doesn't stage a 24 hour protest as he did yesterday.


fabriquefantastique said...

well written....very funny

Jody Pearl said...

Great story!

Are you one of those rare cat owners Jackie that keep theirs inside most/all the time?

Not being a cat owner I've wondered how they'd go under those circumstances .... and now I know!

Pam said...

Bad, bad puddytats!!! Just wait 'til their mudder gets home! lol!!
Maybe that's how you should be making your living Jackie! Writing....chuck the business course. That was very well done. Clever chook you! ♥