Tuesday, November 12, 2013


  1. 1.
    performed or occurring as a result of a sudden impulse or inclination and without premeditation or external stimulus.

    I used to be like that once. Gradually spontaneity tends to slip away as you become a 'responsible' adult with children to consider. But I haven't lost the ability. It was still there tucked away waiting to be set free.

We have lived in this house for over 30 years more or less.  For all those years I have stuck to painting the walls  neutral and adding colour with all the bits and pieces in the house. Practical and boring.  Every Spring I drag out the ladder and buckets and give the walls a good scrub. Wood fires tend to make everything just a bit grotty.
After the Market on Saturday morning I got stuck into washing the kitchen ceiling and walls. It took hours and I stood back to admire my nice clean kitchen .....and couldn't see any difference in most of them!!
OK, so maybe I could just paint the bits of walls nearer the stove, tidy them up a bit and make a feature wall? I found a tin of paint in the shed I had bought for something and never used so I painted the bits of wall nearest the stove and it made such a difference. Mmmmm  well maybe I would just paint one more.? 

Well one wall led to another which led to a quick dash into town for another tin of paint (hopefully I could get the same colour) and  at 3.30 Sunday afternoon I once again stood back to admire my nice clean kitchen and was amazed.  I was a bit nervous when Ross came in the door and saw it for the first time, no need for worry though because he thinks I should continue on and do the rest of the house the same colour. 
Not for a day or two I think. Need to hit the books for the next couple of days but Thursday we have no power from 9 - 4 so who knows what I may get up to.


Jody Pearl said...

Much better Jackie - the soft 'pea green?'brings out the colour in your bits & pieces even more.
Like yourself I find projects fuelled by spontaneity are usually the most rewarding.....and sometimes it's hard to know when to stop - good on hubby for being so encouraging. x

Patrica Ball Morrison said...

I like it; I tend to stay very neutral with wall paints...your color is subtle enough and not something that might become tiring...nice

Pam said...

Love it Jackie, coz as you know I Love green! lol. It's always amazed me though, how you manage to just go wash/paint a wall or a room, and you know you've done your fair share of them over the years I've known you! and Jody's right....the colour does make all your stuff 'pop' a bit more.

I used to be spontaneous too, once upon a time. sigh..... :D ♥

JaneA said...

Isn't wonderful to be spontaneous once in a while! I love that soft green colour. Our bathroom is that colour right now, and it is so calming. X Jane http://janeheinrichs.blogspot.com

Cherie said...

Love it :) Plus lovely finding you still blogging Jackie! For some reason i thought you'd quit. Lovely to visit. Hoping all is as good for you as it is here :)