Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bits and pieces

Anytime there is food happening in the office you will find these two living in hope that someone will share. Maco the Jack Russell belongs to my friend and employer, Lindy and  Kaiser is  the workshop Manager, Ben's dog. 

Kaiser spends a lot of time doing this when the sun is shining, otherwise he finds every opportunity to sneak into Maco's bed in the office. Over the weekend Lindy  found him a bed to put in there too, much to Ben's disgust. He thinks we are turning him into a girl. 

 On Saturday I went over 'the hill' to visit Mum at Lakes Entrance.  My eldest son, Ben moved to Sale recently and we went to visit him Sunday to see how he was settling in. We had plenty of time on the way home and called into 'The Retro Shop' which is just outside of Bairnsdale.

So many lovely things to look at but I was very strong and kept my money in my wallet. We even had a trailer with us so I probably wasted a wonderful opportunity.

Home again on Monday. A lot of travelling for a few days but it was nice to catch up with everyone.

 The garden is at the point where I really do need to give it some attention and hopefully if the weekend is fine and youngest son doesn't need me to help him move I will get some of it done. Today I should be dealing with this. There are more in every part of the yard but yesterday it rained most of the day and wet leaves are a pain to clean up.

The sky isn't looking very promising again today and it has turned quite cold. We have had such mild weather the last few weeks, it is a bit of a shock to the system. Maybe I will bake,  find a book and a comfortable chair, or finally pick up the quilt that is waiting very patiently to be quilted? So many possibilities. 


Pam said...

aww, they're both so sweet sitting their in their little coats! Must be a wee bit cold! :)

Such a good girl you are Jackie, keeping hold of your money with all that temptation around you! Unlike this here friend of yours who spent every penny and then some of the $20 I took to Collectorama with Joolz yesterday. Not good having friends that are happy to let you pay them back later! Oops! lol

That corner of your garden looks so pretty with it's carpet of red/burgundy. Shame it goes to ruin as it all dies!

Hope you get to have that ideal sounding weekend you mention! ♥

simplestitches said...

nice lot of baking there, can I have some scones please?

those two look very cosy in their jackets....and Kaiser is already a girl, he's a Jake is exactly the same!