Sunday, May 11, 2014

Gone to the dogs!!!!

Happy Mother's Day, I hope all the Mum's out there are having a lovely one. 
This week has literally gone to the dogs in a manner of speaking. I went outside just on dark the other night and thought one of my animals was just over the fence in the paddock, that is until it moved. I raced in and grabbed my camera hoping it would still be there when I got back and it was!!! It was so very quiet and hung around long enough to get these four photos. I was shooting in the dark so was lucky to get the ones I did. 

No wonder the foxes used to take my chooks in broad daylight and when the dogs were around  if they have no fear like this one did.

Today this gorgeous thing turned up on the back step, upsetting my dogs big time. Obviously well cared for and loved. I have tied her to the front fence and given her a big bucket of water just in case the owner drives past. I couldn't send her on her way, I would have been worried sick that a car might hit her.I will ring the vet and local shire tomorrow if she is still here and see if anyone is looking for her. I really don't need another pet!!!

Thursday 15th (I put a photo of her on Facebook that afternoon and a friend recognised her. I contacted the owners and they were here in minutes to pick her up. A happy ending thank goodness.)


One Earlybird said...

Hi Jackie, discovered your blog a little while ago. I've heard a few comments around town about how cheeky the foxes are lately. The Newtons have had 2 in the last week, one of them in broad daylight. Like your blog btw, I've just recently started one too. Michelle

Jody Pearl said...

Never a dull moment at yours Jackie - hope the puppy has been collected by his frantic owners and not still tied up having been dumped by irresponsible ones.

Happy Mothers Day to you too. x

Pam said...

Nice shots of the fox Jackie! Doesn't he look lovely?!

Did you see the comment on your FB page from somone who thinks they know who your visitor might belong to? x

Andrea said...

Happy Mothers Day! hope someone made you a cuppa ! While away last week for a few days a fox got both my chooks and then last night it took a 4 day old lamb ! Bob's on Gun Duty now !!!
Have the owners have turned up for the pup ?