Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Constant interruptions but good ones

Today I am supposed to be sewing!! There are deadlines looming and it's really just not happening.
I have managed to make my Blog all Christmassy, do some washing and  tidy up the house as best I can. There are some things cut  out, sewn up and a little bit of stuffing has made it's way into one body. It's the constant interruptions that have unsettled me from the task at hand.
My son Dave came home from Bendigo and finally brought my Birthday present home....only 3 months late.
How amazing is that???? A whole box of Big Bosses!!!! He's such a sweet heart. He remembers me buying them whenever we went to football or the swimming pool when they were little because that's the only places you could buy them. Much better than a box of chocolates......well maybe on a par.
Then he wanted a table to set up his computer and where was he going to put it and on and on..... 
I've also been trying to borrow or buy a cage for Kamikaze and her babies. She was so unhappy in the big tin box. So there I was on the phone to my sister-in-law as she explained that she had looked for her old bird cage but had no idea what she had done with it. We both blame old age for that!!! And as I was hanging up dear old Mrs A drove in the drive. On Monday she said she had a cage I could borrow if I couldn't get another one. Well the silly old thing went and bought me a cage!!
It takes time to transfer Mother and babes into a new cage, feed and water them and work out how to get a box in there. Kamikaze is a much happier mother Rat now.
I'm just hoping tomorrow will be a better day and I can get something finished!!!!

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Enchanted Moments said...

Your blog looks lovely Jackie,
I happen to love Big Boss Cigars..along with Sherbit dib dabs, uno the licorice in the sherbet, and and and the old packets of Fags, now called fads...
Enjoy 'smokin' them .........