Sunday, December 12, 2010


Today was the usual quick tidy up around the house, endless loads of washing and lots of discussion with the boys about rearranging the loungeroom. Of course all that talk wore us out and we decided to think about it again tomorrow. The curtain came down at the kitchen window to be washed and I finally decided to re do the kitchen blind
The horrible yellow one is gone now to be replaced with this. Gorgeous old fabric which is about 50 years old. 
                         While I was on a roll I made cushion covers for the small cushions on my bed.
The Christmas tree is standing naked in the loungeroom ready to be dressed. We've been waiting for Beau's girlfriend Nat to finish work, then we will decorate it. And I have FINALLY put up the new blinds in Beau's room that have been sitting behind his bedroom door for at least three years.
You can't hurry these things you know.


Heidi said...

I love that blind , Its such beautiful fabric!

Little Ted Canvas said...

The new blind is lovely & I love your christmassy blog layout!