Sunday, December 19, 2010

Just Temporary!!

He really was just temporary, I promise.  I brought him home from work yesterday and he had a sleepover last night. My friend Brendan drove down from Canberra this morning and picked him up. Very, very cute but three cats in the house is probably one too many so a fourth would be ridiculous.
Now we just have to wait with trepidation as to what his name will be. Brendan's last two cats were Merkin and Allcrack (A Manx kitten. Think about it) He suggested it might be Benny  when he was here but I'm sure that won't be it knowing him. 


Remy said...

aww it is cute.. but you're right, is better to be carefull (you never know how many cats away you are from becoming a crazy cat lady :/)

Jackie said...

True Remy, I could easily be a Crazy Cat Lady though I would be in competition with my daughter I think

Anonymous said...

Ohhh he is so sweet, I love his blue eyes, our girl has a Grey & White coat & her eyes were the same colour as....Benny's when she was little so we called her Pepper.
Jack I love you Chrissy Blog page, it looks like you stamped it !!
Have a lovely Day Lady.