Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Raining Cats and Dogs

After an amazing day yesterday with brilliant sunshine and all the doors and windows open we are back to wet and miserable again. The yard is a swamp and there is no going outside unless you really have to.
Fred and Cato have taken the spot in front of the heater and won't even move out of the way for me to put wood in it.
So Rev and Machicho have taken a chair though I'm sure Rev would happily move the cats if I let him.
Beau has gone back to bed and husband reluctantly went off to milk the cows this afternoon. He really isn't enjoying his twice daily slog through the mud. It is getting really hard to be glad that it is raining and there will be a plentiful water supply for the towns and a good season for the farmers.
Suzanne over at Enchanted Moments has made a huge effort NOT to complain about the rain and I'm sure everyone knows exactly how she feels.
I'm just hoping that it eases up a little bit so I can get to the woodshed without getting too wet and get some wood for the lounge room fire. There is still one bit of wood there so I can wait a bit but as I type this post the rain is getting heavier so keeping dry may not be an option.
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HAZEL said...

Oh, you are describing my day too. But at least the housework has been done! No outside chores and playing to lure me away. LOL. May I link your post to my Winter Wednesdays?

hearts_in_asia said...

Fred and Cato, move over and save me some space by the heater!