Monday, December 10, 2012

JaM-Climbing Mountains

Once again I am joining Jody with JaM

Sometimes when I have a huge To Do list I have problems getting any of it done because one of the things on the list is like a mountain that I can't climb. Once I get that one thing done the rest will all fall in to place. The mountain for me was the last Assessment tasks for the Unit I was doing for my Tafe course. It wasn't that I couldn't do them, it was because I was totally sick of the subject. I had done two units in Cert III and then had to do two more in Cert IV -Team Leaders and building teams. Last week I sat myself down, gave myself a stern talking to and booked in to do the Assessments in the Virtual Classroom.  Half an hour with my Trainer-Deb it was done and she was most impressed with my work and my thorough knowledge of the subject. After four Units I should know all about it or there is something seriously wrong with me!!!! 

So now that is done everything else is getting down very quickly. I am on top of all the Christmas preparations and only have a little baking to do.

The quilts are almost done, just the binding to sew on one and labels. 
The pool is cleaned and the parts for the filter are on their way, the gardens are tidy and the house is nearly clean. Lots of other little jobs have been done. There was absolutely no reason why all of this couldn't have been done ages ago except that one little thing was somehow roadblocking me from moving forward. 
I have to learn to tackle that mountain instead of standing at the bottom looking up.


Jody Pearl said...

Very clever Jackie, you did what most of us don't - by asking for assistance the mountain became a mole-hill.

Well done with the Christmas preparations - you're an inspiration.

Thanks for joining in JaM this week. x

Andrea said...

You certainly are an inspiration !!! You must feel so happy all your tafe assignments are finished and you can now spend your time on more interesting projects.
Me, its just gone midday and I'm still in my pjs moaning about my wardrobe of boring clothes!! I did get out that unfinished quilt and its now in the lounge beside the sewing machine awaiting.........
I must confess I've also wasted most of the morning reading a really really good book that I can't seem to put down.........
OK maybe its time to give myself a good talking to....
An Idea Jackie, how would you like to get together with a couple of other ladies and have our own Re-inventing fashion workshop, we could link in with Jody ?