Thursday, December 27, 2012

Op Shop Santa and Quilts revealed.

Before Christmas I told the story of how Santa was going to get all my children's gifts from the Op Shop this year. Now that Christmas is all over and done with I can show you what he found.

Vintage Board games some older than the other. They had all the pieces in them even the Chinese Checkers had all the glass marbles of each colour.

This was the most amazing find, I couldn't believe it when I opened the case.

Everything, including the dice was still in here. Nicky was so excited when she opened it Christmas morning.

A cook book each.

And something for the kitchen. David made icy poles as soon as he got up. Beau thought his food thermos would be very handy for work in the winter, Ben wondered just what he could cut up with the rolling chef and Nicky loved the Sushi maker. Op shop Santa was a huge success and they all said that their Santa sack was the best one they had ever had and could I do it again next year. 

It was lovely to see them sitting around playing a board game Christmas morning instead of on the computer or their phones. 

I can also show you the quilts I made for the two boys for Christmas. This one is Beau's. I got a text this morning with a photo of his quilt on his bed. 

 And this one is Ben's. I went looking for it Christmas night to show my Sister-in-law and he already had it on his bed. Something tells me that they both like them.
We had a lovely day together and the weather was kind and didn't get too hot.
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas day and that your New Year will be a Safe and Happy one.


Pam said...

Oh Jackie! That all sounds just wonderful! Well done all of you for opting for the Christmas you did. Such a fabulous idea to do an Op Shop Santa. I think that just might be the way I'll be going next year. Love it!!
and those quilts look amazing you clever chook you! Take care, talk soon. ♥

Andrea said...

Jackie they were great "finds" from the Op Shop and yes lovely to see them playing the games and not the ones on their phones! Love the scrapy quilts....... lucky boys certainly have a caring and clever Mum!!

Elisha said...

done a great job with the quilts, special quilts made by their mum :)

quilary said...

A brilliant lot of Christmas presents - and the quilts are great for the boys - nicely done!

Jody Pearl said...

Loving the Op Shop Santa idea more & more especially the board games as we're partial these & jigsaw puzzles this time of year - your children are gorgeous! x