Wednesday, December 5, 2012

JaM-Getting organised

The countdown to Christmas is on and even though I have a whole year to prepare for it I always seem to leave everything to the last minute. Why am I still quilting two Queen size quilts just weeks before the day?  Everywhere I look there is something that probably could do with a clean, some paint, weeding or sorting through. Gifts to be bought, gifts to be made, really what have I been doing all year?
I go through this every Christmas and vow that next year I will be more organised so that I can cruise into Christmas day with absolutely no pressure.

There is also the Christmas trees and decorations to spread around the house. It is something that I usually manage to do a few days before Christmas and the last couple of years I have had one of the boys girlfriends to help. Flying solo this year and I have been challenged by my very dear friend  Chris to get it all done this week.

Well I did manage to get a couple of boxes out of the cupboard last night so it is a start.

And this one stays decorated, I just have to fluff it up a little.

Today is a quilting day as the temperature has dropped from the mid to high 30's we have been enduring. As I sit here it has just reached 11 degrees, almost light the fire weather. It snowed last night at Falls Creek.
So a good day to sit under a quilt and quietly stitch . 
I am going to ignore that cupboard that I really think needs a coat of paint to sass it up (I have only had it 20 years so a little bit longer won't hurt) And I just won't open the cupboards that need a good sorting and tidying. I did get the weeding done, an afternoon on the internet sorted all of my Christmas shopping, I have booked in to do my latest assessment in the Virtual Classroom on Friday and I may get up to the sewing room on the weekend. Somewhere in there I will put the Christmas trees up, pull out the rest of the decorations and throw place them around the house.
 Do you think that if I don't look out the windows I can avoid cleaning them?????
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Jenny's Craft Place said...

Looks like you are doing well despite the 'to do' list, Jackie! Windows....? You could always hang some Christmas colour bunting, spray them with snowflakes, orrrrrrr.... close the :) Best wishes, and happy crafting, Jenny

Becc said...

even though you've left it all to the last minute, you've been exceptionally busy & still had time to blog, great effort.
Im lucky in the xmas tree department, my boys still love putting it up & decorating it & they're 21, 18 & 16 (the 24 yo will be cross when he gets home & finds they've done it without him!)

Barb said...

Christmas is a special time of year and it's always exciting to celebrate with family and friends. I agree, the year just seems to fly by! Yes, Chris definitely has a gorgeous Prim Christmas display at her place- a wonderful festive spirit! Wishing you and your family a happy Christmas and best wishes for 2013! :)

Andrea said...

Who cleans windows unless their being paid? and who looks in your cupboards and pantry? Guess who spent the morning cleaning up her own pig sty....I haven't even brought one present yet but I have made up ropes of garlic for gifts.
Now don't laugh to hard but when I read your post it reminded me of the quilt I was finishing last Xmas but ran out of time and yes I still haven't finished it !!! Its for my son if I finished it that would save me some money!!!
I'm sure you will have yours done in time and they will be well received...
The cold snap has hit us too so the fire woods back on the front veranda. Happy sewing. X

The Moonlit Stitch said...

My sister gave me a beautiful afghan for Christmas once, wrapped it up & all, then asked for it back so she could finish it, LOl. Got it the following year. I am confused, did you not just go into summer? Why are you cold there now? (should have paid more attention in school!) If we were prepared for the holidays, I believe the stars would fall out of the sky. You are doing just FINE! ~*~Lisa

Pam said...

Seems to me that you're doing ok Jackie! and let me say much ok-er than I am!!!! No decorations up yet, no gift list made, and definitely no cleaning done! lol
and I think most of us make that "never fulfilled" promise every year re Christmas. I know I do! :)) ♥
p.s. sorry hadn't realised you'd put your JaM post up coz your thumbnail wasn't there when I linked up mine. x