Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Op Shop pickings

 It is very slim pickings at our Op Shop, it has been for a couple of years now. There is never any Vintage kitchenalia or anything of interest. Rumour has it that the Manager might have a nice stash at the back of her house but that is just a rumour. I did manage to find a couple of vintage aprons that will eventually be incorporated in a quilt. The faded fabrics give the quilts instant age and are quite beautiful.

 And these tea towels. I'm not sure what I will do with them yet but I couldn't leave them behind. Especially that poor little man doing his best to help.

The Grand kids have settled into routine and Munchie keeps herself to herself most of the time, but Atticus is certainly on a mission to make sure we don't forger he is around.
I found him in here yesterday.

My daughter always told me how she never had a vase of flowers in her house because Atticus eats them. Mostly he just bites the tops off and leaves a vase of stalks!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Meet the Grandkids

My daughter flew to New Zealand this morning for a couple of weeks and I have the Grand kids while she is away. 

This is Atticus who spends the morning trying to work out how he can get outside and belting any of my furry kids if they get too close.

And Munchie (aka Sparrow) who spends all her time curled up and hidden from all of us. She jumps and hides at the slightest sound. In the evening she does venture out, but only after my cats have been shut up for the night.
There are also three rats but they are no trouble at all in their cage in the corner.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Last word.

Quite a while ago I had a little rant about same sex marriage and politicians hiding behind their religious beliefs when it came to this issue. Yesterday one of my son's sent me this.......

“Some people say homosexuality is a sin. It’s not. God is perfectly cool with it, God feels the exact same way about homosexuality that God feels about heterosexuality. Now you might say, ‘Whoa, slow down. You move too fast. How could you have the audacity, the temerity, to speak on behalf of God?’ Exactly, that’s an excellent point and I pray that you remember it.”
Ted Alexandro

How perfectly obvious is that!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Not a lot to share

So it is Blogtoberfest and all these amazing people are putting up a post a day for the whole month. Once again I am feeling very inadequate and boring. Everyone seems to have lots to say, projects to share and adventures to tell us about. I am busy all day everyday but don't seem to have anything interesting to share with anyone.

I have been doing a little sewing and slowly these blocks are adding up in preparation for a quilt.

  Unfortunately the sewing room is looking like this and this is the tidiest bit!

The bulk of my time is either here,

Or here. Battling away with Cert IV which is proving a lot more challenging than Cert III

Mowing the lawns is taking up a big part of the week although when I headed from this one on Sunday to do the front and side lawns, I found my neighbour whizzing around them on his ride on mower. It saved me a couple of hours and I got a turn to hoon round on the mower just for a play.

With all that spare time I managed to get some gardening done but not before my neighbour and I sat here and had coffee before he went home. (He rang when he got home and said there was a big brown snake on the road) The joys of summer!!

 A nice find this week in the tub of bits and pieces.

I had forgotten I had this unusual violet.

So Hilary I'm not really ignoring my Blog to comment on yours, although that does take up  a lot of time these days. It's just that I haven't really got a lot to share with everyone that is very interesting anyway.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Spam and Scam

Today I am over  Spam and Scam!!!!!

Because word identification to prove your not a robot when you comment on a Blog has become almost impossible to understand I very nicely  disabled it on my Blog. Every now and then I would get Spam comments and if they had a link to a website or email I would forward them back until they stopped spamming me. Usually I just delete them as they come in, 2 seconds and they are dealt with. Today it has reached the point of being out of control with 20, yes 20 Spam comments in my Spam folder this morning and more have arrived during the day.  I can't see the point of it really when they instantly go into my Blogger spam and the Spam folder of my Gmail. Do I really need a Russian bride, Viagra, a bigger penis, drugs from a Canadian pharmacy, to help a lawyer claim a multi million dollar estate, replica watches or any of the other totally believable (?) offers that are made?  They are mosquitoes buzzing in my ear, flies in my eyes and up my nose, a continuously runny nose. Yes you got it, something extremely annoying but something that really isn't achieving anything by being annoying because no one gets to read them anyway. So why do it???
And then to make my day even more wonderful the phone rings and yep you guessed it.........Hello Ma'am I am ringing to inform you there is a problem with the Windows on your computer. This happens at least twice a week and it too is an annoyance. Don't they realise that it has been going on for so long now that people know it is a scam? I used to just hang up but today the man on the other end of the phone got such a talking to he may never ring another person again. Don't they feel any guilt at all spending their days trying to con money out of people and usually people who don't really have that much money? 
I have even had Scam calls through my Skype after only being signed up for one day. So if there is any one out there who has a solution or if not a solution then a way of giving them a little of what they give us, please let me know. cause I am over it!!

P.S. If your not sure if an email is a Scam, Google the return email address or the name of the person sending it and it will quickly tell you if it is a Scam. And for those of you who believe those emails about brutality to animals and children, google it first cause a lot of them are a scam too!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Orchids and procrastination.

I'm supposed to be studying today but on a perfect Spring day it is very hard to stay chained to the computer. I have been out and put a little round-up along the fences, weeded a bit of garden and mowed some lawns. Now I am hot, sticky and definitely in no mood for study.
I thought I would share my surprise post birthday present with you instead of reading about the absolutely riveting subject of Team Leaders and their responsibilities. Such is the art of procrastination.
Last night was my second Community Liaison Meeting and Edna came and picked me up with these gorgeous orchids in hand. I usually get one like this from her every year. This year it is to hold me over until she remembers where she put the gift she brought me for my birthday. She did tell me that it is something to add to my collection of Violet China so I am looking forward to when she does find it.
It was her birthday yesterday and she was 70 something. 78 I think but I gave up trying to keep up with her age years ago. She really is an amazing women, remember when she went horse riding ?  I gave her a pretty floral scarf that she loved, I don't think she gets pretty things as gifts very often. She is Secretary of the Corryong Sporting Complex and is going to wear it Friday night when she goes to do the raffles. Said she will feel very 'swish' in her new scarf. Now, Edna doesn't play sport, drink or play the pokies but when the Sporting Complex couldn't fill the position of Secretary she immediately put her hand up to do it. This is on top of Volunteering at the Information Center,  selling raffle tickets for any club that asks whether she belongs to it or not, Volunteering at Op Shop and the myriad of other things that she quite happily does for the Community. I wish I had half her energy!!!