Sunday, February 24, 2013

A week of ups and downs.

It was one of those weeks here last week. Of course no one answered the ad for the kitten and even though it has settled down here really well (apart from a few toileting mishaps) it is going today. I was planning on taking it up to the vet to be re-housed but my youngest son and his girlfriend came home yesterday and he has decided to take him. He is hoping the kitten will grow up to be just like Fred but I can't really see how there could be another cat on this earth like Fred.
The other cats are starting to settle down a little. Major improvement was letting Bobbem outside to run and be free. He isn't so aggro anymore and gets on just a little better with the other cats. We were amazed when he started playing with the kitten a few days after it arrived as he really doesn't know how to socialise at all. 
Munchie has no fear or is a bit too fey to have any fear and has continued to push the boundaries where Bobbem is concerned. He really doesn't understand why she isn't scared. 
 My axolotl population went down to one this week. Wiggy died on Tuesday night, .Poor Marvin, the oldest of them all is still going although he looks so lonely. We worked out that he is now over 15 years old and that is about 5 years past the normal life span in captivity.
I am  a few days away from completing all my study. It is a nice feeling to get to the end of it and I am amazed that I managed to stick with a study plan for over a year. I would have been even less days away but a mishap while mowing lawns yesterday saw me spending an hour in out patients with a scratch on my right eye.  Because I got up there straight away and started antibiotic drops in my eye, it is feeling much better today. Oh and if your wondering how I manage to have lawns when we haven't had rain for was where the garden sprinklers hit the lawn and patches here and there. It is mainly a dust bowl. I wasn't planning on mowing but myy neighbour bought himself a new ride on mower and hasn't been able to use it so he rode it over here for me to mow the yard and give it a good run. 
 My next project, if I don't get a job in the meantime, is to start decluttering my house. I have decided that there is just too much stuff in the cupboards and sheds around here and that a lot of it just has to go. Do I sound strong and determined? Well that is how I want to be when I do it but any of you that knows me, know quite well what a hopeless hoarder or collector (you choose) I am.
So that is my week, largely dominated by the animals that live here both permanently and temporarily. Only a week to go and Nicky will be home. Cross fingers she will get a new flat very quickly and then my animal population will be drastically cut.  


The Moonlit Stitch said...

Hi Jackie - glad the newbie will have a good, safe home. Went from "Awww" at the kitty pic to "WTHeck is that" your little pet a lizard? I have never seen or heard of those! Is that the 15 yr old? So interesting! I am sorry that you lost one and hope Marvin isn't too lonely. Enjoy your dtr's homecoming! ~*~Lisa

Jenny's Craft Place said...

What a week!!!! Hopefully things can only get better :) Best wishes, and happy crafting, Jenny

Enchanted Moments said...

Congratulations on finishing your study Jackie, and looks like you are fit to burst with your collection of furry friends....Good luck with the decluttering, I am always a work in progress, I keep taking bags and boxes to Vinnies, its just neverending....(but then I am bringing stuff back too!)