Friday, February 8, 2013

Trying to go with the flow.........

The only thing I know with certainty  when I get up in the morning lately is that the sun will rise over that hill and set behind this hill.
Invariably plans I make for the next day or the next week get set aside because other things come along that need to be done first.
I made plans to knuckle down and finish my course, get studying over with and move on to new things but of course one phone call hit that little plan on the head.
So instead of studying I have been creating a cot quilt that needs to be finished next week, I have a bag of alterations and mending that was dropped in the other day and apparently football season is closer than I thought because soon there will be jumpers to have numbers attached.
I am beginning to think that I should maybe start each day with no plans that can be thwarted, to just take them as they come and hope that I can get something accomplished by the end of the day.
Being a list maker, a diary keeper, a write it on the calender so I don't forget and put it in the phone to make sure kind of person, it totally goes against the grain to not make plans and I am not sure that I would be able to manage and stay sane.
So I will just readjust all the little entries in all the places I put them and hope I can get back on track soon. Maybe I could just have a space saved on each day in the diary for things the world decides to throw at me?
Are you a list maker and diary keeper or do you just go with what fate decrees?


Jody Pearl said...

My 'brain' is my calendar, if it's not written on that it doesn't happen and I write lists then forget all seems to work out in the end maybe just not when or how I expected it to initially. x

Pam said...

I can't believe I just wrote out a long comment for your post Jackie and when I hit publish Blogger said Whoops, big error. So it's all lost and I just don't know if I can be bothered trying to remember it all now! Sigh. Oh well it was probably too long and that's why it disappeared.
Hope everything is ok down there, apart from you finding it a bit hard trying to go with the flow. Something I relate to oh so well. ♥

Anonymous said...

Lists, calendars, diary's, memory :o/ I have tried them all, big plans made the previous day never never come to fruition, because I am the Queen of distraction, kinda like a Bee....ummm nope not a Bee really because Bee's actually achieve things, I on the other hand, well I start one thing and it leads me off on another track.....Oh bother I forgot to put that last load of washing on....but I did pick some lovely tomatoes, whilst heading to the work room to clean it up, sigh, maybe tomorrow.

RoseMary said...

I tried the "Not making Plans" so I wouldn't get upset when my plans went a rye. I keep lists, I love my sticky notes (can't live without them). I try and go with the flow now. LOL