Friday, February 15, 2013

For the traveller.

When my daughter and her friend Sophie went to New Zealand I made them both a travel wallet to put all their bits and bobs in.

Now my wanderlust daughter  is nearing the end of her two months of travel around Malaysia and Cambodia with her friend Meg.

Meg just wondered if I could make her a travel wallet too because she thought that it was a very handy thing to  have, so today after I finished some mending I set to and made a travel wallet just for her.
Meg loves anything 50's themed but I didn't have any fabric with 50's pin up girls or poodles so I found the next best thing........original fabric from the 50's that was passed on to me a few years back and a couple of vintage buttons. . A splash of pink here and there just to break it up a little and it was done. Hope she likes it!


Jenny's Craft Place said...

I can understand Meg wanting one, Jackie... it looks very handy, and appropriate fabric for travelling skies, and clouds :) Happy crafting, Jenny

Pam said...

Oh clever clogs you, Jackie! Love that fabric and I'm sure Meg will too. and love Jenny's comment about blue skies and clouds. Very appropriate definitely. ♥

Barb said...

Wow! No doubt, the girls found their travel wallets quite handy! You're so talented Jackie! :) BTW, the Animal Quilt in your previous post is really cute too! :)

Jody Pearl said...

Brilliant idea Jackie - Eliza is off to Japan in the middle of the year and I can see me winning brownie points with something similar. x

The Moonlit Stitch said...

It turned out great Jackie! Love that fabric, I know your dtr's friend will too. I could never do that type of intricate work - you rock! ~*~Lisa