Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday visitor

Two and a half years ago I walked outside and found a sweet ginger kitten in my rose garden. He ended up staying with us and Fred has become a very important part of my furry family.

This morning I looked out my back door and found another ginger kitten crying to be let in. As soon as the door was open he was in and rubbing himself on my leg and wanting to be picked up. 

It has been an hour and he is now sleeping on my knee while I type this. 

At this point in time there are already 5 cats in my house. Two will be going back to their mother within a month but I still can't cope with another permanent resident. Soon I will get on the phone, visit the neighbours and if I don't find his home by tonight I will put an ad in the local paper. He is such an affectionate little thing and I am sure there is a family that is looking for him.
HE IS NOT STAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Moonlit Stitch said...

I feel for you Jackie, but can't help but laugh! She is so sweet. The other felines must be spreading the word somehow! ~*~Lisa

Jody Pearl said...

Good luck with that Jackie. x

Loafer Mountain Primitives said...

Dear Jackie,
You would'nt turn Jesus away, would you?
He did'nt think "six" was to many....

(your welcome to come smack me if you like!)

Good luck, you can send he to me, Skippy would be in hog heaven for sure :-)
Hugs, Tisha

Chris said...

Of couse he's not Jackie.....
(Although I kinda recall a "if I say it enough I'll mean it" coment like that last time as well!).

Of course he's not!!!!!

Good luck with that!

Miss ya, Chris xxx

Andrea said...

Oh what a smart little cat it knows the best place to visit ! Is she still there?

Pam said...

;D ♥