Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Redecorating and wayward children.

I decided that a little redecorating was in order yesterday. As I am wont to do I left it until late afternoon and by the time I got to the Banner I was running out of time. With a meeting at 6.15 to go to I spent more time looking at the clock than working on the Banner and as expected the one I came up with was very ordinary. Thankfully my son Dave said, "Don't worry Jackie, I will do one for you" So off I went to the meeting and left it all in his hands.  Neither of us is sure whether we like it or not but it is definitely better than the one I did.
When I got home I had a message on my phone from my daughter, Atticus was missing! It has only been a very short time since Munchie left us and she was beside herself with worry. There was still no sign of him this morning and we were both imagining the worst, I sent her off to the nearby vets on her way to work this morning just in case he had been taken there. They did have a very cranky tabby cat there that no one could get near but as  soon as he saw his Mum he gave his funny little purr, shook his tail and came to her. Thankfully this time we had a happy ending.


Anonymous said...

Oh for happy endings !! and ohhhh how much Atticus looks like our very own Bart :-)
It's so sad when we loose one of our fury family members, I am so glad he is home safe and sound, I still wait for Pepper to walk back down the front path, maybe one day :-(

Barb said...

Hi Jackie,

I'm so happy to hear that Atticus was found safe and well especially after losing poor Munchie recently. Yes, our fur kids are part of the family too. I'm glad to hear there was a happy ending this time! :-) xo