Sunday, June 16, 2013


On Friday Ben gave us some pumpkin all peeled and cut up which David very promptly made a big pot of soup out of. Bobbem decided that once the bowl was empty it would make the perfect place to sleep. We are still not sure how he managed to get into it without tipping himself and the bowl off the bench or how he could possibly be comfortable.

 But he was quite happy to sleep in it for a while.

 Usually when I go into town I do what I have to do and come straight home to the warmth of the fire. It has been an absolutely beautiful day today after a massive frost this morning. I finished tidying up where I had been gardening yesterday then this afternoon I had to go into town to feed a friends dogs for her and decided that on the way I would do a few other things as well.

I had to take some empty jars and other bits and pieces to Edna and came away with another box of her delicious lemons.Dave used nearly all the last lot either for hot lemon drinks for the cold he had last week and for homemade cordial. He has made a few batches now and has been perfecting his recipe as he goes.

I also called into my brother's for a quick visit and to return a pile of books I had borrowed a while ago and was handed a bag of oranges. I think this means we will have Orange/lemon cordial in the fridge this week. 

Lots more pumpkin soup is going to be made in my kitchen in the coming weeks. On Monday nights I play Carpet Bowls and was chatting to one of the guys after the game. He was telling me that he had so many pumpkins this year that he didn't know what he was going to do with them all. I very quickly offered to take some off his hands............he dropped these off today.  He had a bag of oranges from my brother as well cause he had just dropped some pumpkins off to him.

It is nice that people are happy to share their produce. 


Lib said...

Pumpkins look lovely, nothing like pumpkin soup on these cold Winter days! What a cute cat lol.

Andrea said...

Cats do tend to make themselves at home!!lol! Sharing produce is such a lovely thing to do, makes everyone feel good! although I must admit my neighbors started to decline my zucchinis after awhile...
We had a beautiful sunny day yesterday and as my youngest daughter was visiting we spent the afternoon having a bonfire and planting lots of native trees and shrubs. Have a great week.X

Barb said...

Enjoy your delicious fruit and vegies! Wow, Bobbem must be a real character! What a funny place to sleep- very cute! :) Have fun at Bowling tonight! x

The Moonlit Stitch said...

Funny how cats love to "nest"! What a priceless picture. What color are those pumpkins Jackie? Gray? Hope your have a few more days of good weather! ~*~Lisa

Pam said...

lolol, look at that face!! It truly is amazing what they'll fit themselves into when they want to Jackie!
All those lovely oranges and lemons! I've a friend lives close to me who presents me with her own lemons so I make us both lots of lemon butter(curd)! Very yummy indeed!
Still haven't made up your pumpkin soup yet, but it's on the menu! ♥