Sunday, January 13, 2013

Beating Procrastination-Day 1

After writng my Post about Procrastination yesterday and reading the information I linked to I decided that maybe I had better make an effort to do things rather than stuff around avoiding them.
First job was to get Nicky's belongings tidied up in one corner of my sewing room. I got that done and now have room to move if I decide I need to do some sewing.
Next I tackled the weeds in the vegie garden seeing as it wasn't quite as hot as usual. I pulled all the Beetroot out first then set about finding the rest of the vegetable plants under the weeds. I got most of it weeded before it got too hot and sticky. 
I washed the Beetroot and put it all in the huge pot I got from Mum when she had a clean out a while ago. It boiled away merrily for an hour or so because the beetroot was quite large.

I ended up with 14 jars of Beetroot by the end of the day.  

                          Absolutely gorgeous colour.

I had a go at making some bread in my mixer as well, while the beetroot was cooking. It wasn't a bad effort but there are one or two things that could be improved so will try a different recipe next time.
One of Ben's friends brought me a bowl of stewed apricots yesterday afternoon so there will possibly be a pie for dessert tonight. I am sending him out some of the Beetroot as we have a little bit of a barter system happening.
I was feeling very productive and self sustaining last night,(not to mention, pretty tired as well) but it will probably be days or even weeks before I have a day like that again. I will work on my Procrastination though and maybe I will manage to accomplish a little more in my days than I usually do.
It is just amazing what you can do if you just get on with it instead of  finding silly little time wasting things to do to avoid the jobs you should be doing.


Jody Pearl said...

Well done Jackie!

I'm having alot of trouble wrapping my head around a couple of workshop related developments where others are reliant on my pulling the finger I'm going to follow your lead!

Elisha said...

yummy, homemade pickled beetroot.. my grandma use to make her own as well, since pop had a lovely massive big veggie garden.. maybe ours will be the same one day :) we all procrastinate from time to time, harder to be active on those hot hot days..

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie
Procrastination is my middle name :o)and I can find so many ways to avoid doing the things I need to do, I have a book full of excuses, but I have to make an effort because I no longer have a job so I need to make some $$ so off to sort the work room and get my head back into crafting....but its sooo hot out there...48 c on Saturday in my work room....good excuse hey :o)

Andrea said...

Hi Jackie,goodness me things are moving at your house!!cleaning spare rooms.... Ok so I confess those proc....posts have got me scared if I read the links I might just have to change a few of my own bad habits....Like sitting in my dressing gown at 9.33 am blogging....well I've been busy this month and had no tome to catch up or should I say get off the couchhhhhhhhhhh.
Mmm the beetroot looks good and now the veggie garden weeded you will be ready to plant seeds if we get any rain ,fingers crossed its very soon.