Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Update on beating procrastination.

I am still doing quite well at beating procrastination but it is so very, very exhausting!!!!!
I am doing the jobs that need doing instead of sitting and just reading one more page of my book, or having a quick coffee or whatever else I can think of to put off getting on with the task at hand.
So much is getting done but it really is tiring. The lawns are mowed, the windows are all clean, there is a new shelf in the laundry and on it goes. Maybe procrastination isn't really about putting things off and more about pacing yourself?


Pam said...

Hmmm, pacing does sound like a plan Jackie! Although I often think that we(maybe read that as I) have much higher expectations of ourselves than we do of others. So perhaps both pacing and expectations come into the equation? I'll have to take a bit more time to sit and think about it and get back to you! lol.

You know I'd never have thought of you as a procrastinator, in all these years of knowing you, but then we don't always get to see the 'nitty gritty' of our online friends. There's always much more to us than others see sometimes. :)
After reading your last few posts I can see that you're doing really well though. I'm endeavouring to use your posts as a push for myself. Firstly I've printed out something I've been 'going to do' for quite a while and hang on the window in front of me above my pooter monitor. "JUST DO IT!!!" :D ♥

Jody Pearl said...

I want to come back as a cat. x

Lilian said...

I think it's got to do with the summer heat... it saps my energy levels and to even contemplate using the oven or stove when it's 40C outside is just out of the question... that's what I put it down to anyway :)