Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pizza for Dinner

Although I have a ban on anyone in the family giving me appliances for presents, my Mum can get away with it because after all ....she is my Mum. This year she gave me a Sunbeam Mixer for Christmas.
Last night my daughter decided that she would make Pizzas for dinner and thought that for its maiden voyage we could make the pizza dough in the new mixer. I have fallen in love with the dough hooks and the way the pizza dough worked out. It was a much nicer base and quicker than making it in the bread maker.

 The boys were late home and Nicky and I had already had our fill of the barbecue chicken pizza

and the Neapolitan Pizza and as we were discussing doing a blog post about them the boys arrived.
It was a mad dash to the kitchen with my camera to get a couple of quick photos before the boys devoured them.
Seeing as the Pizza dough turned out so well we are going to try our hand at making bread with it. After over 15 years of providing us with bread the poor bread maker may be facing retirement.

(PS A tip for extra good Pizza dough is to put a teaspoon of honey in it when mixing. Nicky's friend Ben suggested it and it was confirmed by Errol who is two of my sons best mate and an honorary family member. He has worked at and managed the local Pizza shop for a couple of years now so knows what he is talking about.)


Jody Pearl said...

Yum - nothing like a homemade pizza hubby makes them to order out in the shed cooked in an old Metters oven...thanks for the honey tip I'll pass it on!

simplestitches said...

oh wonder the boys devoured them...they look and I bet tasted great!

Elisha said...

Hi, who would of thought of putting honey in pizza dough? i have to give it a go, next time we make pizza and homemade dough..

i am in the process of waiting for a sale at myers to purchase my mix master, you say you are happy with yours?