Sunday, January 6, 2013

Looking for respite.

Like most places we are going through quite extreme heat, not as hot as some places but forecast temps of 40 degrees plus for the next week is not something to look forward to.
The animals are really feeling the heat and yesterday we threw the dogs in the pool every now and then and machicho was happy to float around on the boogie board every time I went in to cool off. 

Machicho slept on my bed between swims under the fan.

David's cat Bobbum slept between my screen and keyboard most of the day,

Fred usually positions himself here when it gets really hot.

And Munchie finds somewhere on a floor or she gets into  my wardrobe.

I looked everywhere for Rev, Cato and Atticus and couldn't see them anywhere. They appeared later covered in cobwebs so they must have been under the house which is one of the coolest places on a hot summers day.  We have filled a spray bottle up with water to cool the rats off. The poor little things just lie flat out in their cage. The pot plants I just watered are attracting wasps looking for water and the butterflies are going under the house looking for the coolest spot as well. 
I hope you have somewhere cool to escape the worst of the heat and your animals have found their place to spend the day.


DEB said...

The critters are very good and finding the right place to be under the circumstances.

Pam said...

Oh Jackie, that sounds positively ghastly and I doubt I could live somewhere with those temps. I'm feeling for you! and for all those poor babies. :(
We heard yesterday of temps of 50 somewhere down near the border of NSW & SA!!! OMG I'd die I think. With my flushing as well I'm finding it a tad difficult with our temps up here of 30+. I think I should stop complaining now after reading of your situation and the other of 50 deg!
Maybe it's not so bad at all here, hey?
Take good care of yourself! ♥

Barb said...

Hi Jackie, I hope you had a lovely Christmas and all the best for 2013! Yes, it's definitely very hot here at the moment too! Take care in this terrible heat! Let's hope there are some cooler temps soon! x