Saturday, January 12, 2013

Procrastination Take 2

Unless you live underground you know how hot it has been in Australia the past few weeks, to the point that the Bureau of Meteorology has added a new colour to the temperature map. Today is much cooler, well this morning anyway and I decided that I should get up in my sewing room and have a bit of a tidy up. No, I haven't been sewing, my daughter has gone overseas for a couple of months and I am storing all her belongings here. The sewing room always seems to be the place everything gets dumped in and I need to try and clear a space for me. Now the point of this story is that even though I have been up for ages and my little bit of housework is done, I still haven't gone up there yet. Yep I am once again practicing the fine art of Procrastination.
Back in October I talked about my procrastination here and it is a bit of a joke with me and I think many others. I was emailed by a lovely lady who wanted to send me a link to a study at Online about procrastination and its effects. Once again I procrastinated and didn't contact her the first time but luckily she is persistent and I finally got the link yesterday.
Instead of walking into the sewing room and just getting on with it I thought I would  sit and do this post first. I have got up half way through and watered some plants, gone into the laundry and picked up the bag of stuff that the cats pulled off the laundry door handle over night (How they did it will remain a mystery!!!) and done a few other things that caught my eye and didn't really need to be done. 
I am a chronic procrastinator when it comes to the unimportant things that do need to be done but really aren't that urgent. I find though that important stuff and things with deadlines that I have to deal with are usually not subject to my procrastinating skills. Well, there was one thing but someone dealt with that for me making me realise that I should have dealt with it years ago because it made life so very much better, but that is another story that may or may not be told.
Anyway back to the subject...........It may interest you to know that Procrastination is on the rise and considering all the gadgets we have to distract us now I am not surprised. It is easy to wander the internet for hours and put off the things we should be doing. But apparently procrastinating is not good for our health, decreases productivity in the workplace and causes stress. Sounds like a lot of bad habits people have. 
So maybe it really isn't a joking matter at all but a serious problem that we need to work on. 
If you are interested in reading more facts about Procrastination click on the link below.
Graphic from Online

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