Monday, August 13, 2012

A Jumble of Memes

The Memes I join in with all happen about the same time of the week and I am getting hopeless at jumping in on the day, so bear with me while I join in with all three right now.

My Place and Yours-Boots (not under the kitchen sink!)

Cherie gave us a choice this week and I really am not brave enough to show you under the kitchen sink so here are my boots. 

These are the boots that get the most wear around here. My Blunnies for when I go out in the yard to garden or the woodshed to get yet another load of wood for the fires. They are in need of a bit of cleaning and a rub with some Dubbin at the moment.  My pink gumboots have been a necessity this winter as the yard has been a swamp for weeks. I do have nice dressy black boots for going out in public as well but they have nowhere near as much character as my working boots.
Join Cherie here or just pop over and see what boots the more fashionable of us are wearing.

Sweet Little Things about me- My favourite Board Games

Lisa  wants us to share the board games we played as children and I can remember playing Yahtzee and Monopoly although it all ended in tears 90% of the time. 

What I remember playing the most, sitting around the table in our beach hut with the kerosene lantern burning was 500. Mum and Dad were keen card players and we often went to friends houses and while the grown ups played cards we played outside in the dark. Lots of Hide and Seek and Chasey.  We also played a Dutch game with cards and there was a homemade board with something on it. We made bets with matchsticks. We would play whatever this game was in the loungeroom with out cousins while our parents played 500 in the kitchen. I wish I could remember more of that game, but it was a very long time ago.

Do you remember the board games you played as a child? Come share them with us at Lisa's

JaM- Sunshine and a hint of the season to come.

I am taking a moment to join with Jody and sharing a little of my week with you. We have had sunshine, warmth and washing drying on the line! It has given all of us a lift and things just look a lot better when there is sunshine.

The daffodils are opening, there are new leaves on the roses and a hesitant feeling of spring in the air. 


Jody Pearl said...

Snap - the same thing is happening here...Mother Nature is playing tricks on the Weather Man again!

Loving the pink boots especially with that hint of purple around the bottom - no way you'd get lost out wandering.

Thanks for joining in JaM this week Jackie. x

Jenny's Craft Place said...

You can't go past the old board games, card games, and jigsaws :) As lovely as your pink gumboots are, I hope things start to warm up for you soon. Happy crafting, (and I hope you enjoy the book I mentioned), Jenny

Cathy said...

Snap! Monopoly is indeed in everyone's cupboard :)

And Yahtzee - I had completely forgotten aboutbthatbone! We used to play that as well!

Lisa - Sweet Little Pretties said...

Monopoly is a well known favourite - whether it is traditional or one of the many character ones = ) Thanks for playing along

Andrea said...

That little bit of sunshine was just lovely while it lasted..... i think those gumboots will be in use for some time to come, great color!
A lot of our games ended in tears too, my favorite were the card nights at our Aunty's as there was always lots of food(home made of course) and we got to stay up late.

Schulz Family said...

Hi . Thanks for stopping by my blog. NZ weather seems to be the same as yours at the moment!!