Sunday, August 19, 2012

My Place and Yours-A Favourite Place to Visit

The theme for My Place and Yours this week is a favourite place to visit.
I go over to the coast at least twice a year to visit my Mum. It is definitely because I enjoy spending time with her but the added benefit is that she lives on the coast. Being born a beach baby it is a huge bonus to be able to breathe the sea air and get sand between my toes for a little while.

 Just a short drive from where she lives now is where we spent most of our child hood . We call it the slips but it is Corringle near Marlo on the Victorian 90 Mile beach. We learnt to swim, fish, cook, build cubbies in the trees, run full pelt down massive sand hills, go tiddler fishing off the jetty and so many more things, with a freedom very few children get now days.
We had a beach shack here when we were kids but it was pulled down nearly 30 years ago. Every year after that we would pack the camping gear and go back. Then, from the time our children were babies we would take them  and give them the chance to have the freedom and experiences that I had as a child. I rarely get back here anymore but when I do it is with fishing rod in hand and a day filled with happy memories.


Cherie said...

Oh Jackie you took my breath away, that place is beautiful. I was born a beach baby too and miss the smell of the salt air and everything that goes with it. I miss throwing a line too ... Ahhhhhhh those where the days, Thank YOU for a wonderful stroll down memory lane ... Ahhhhhhh! xo

Lib said...

What a fantastic place to have spent your childhood days. How lucky were you.

Pam said...

Another glorious Memory Lane post Jackie. Sounds just ideal as your own children's early years. Made me feel a little melancholy actually, as did your next post on friends and life changing. This more so as both of those subjects struck a chord with me. :)
So glad your course is going so well for you too. ♥