Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sweet Little Things About Me-My favourite Holiday

Remember my post the other day about a favourite place to visit?  It is the place that I had all my favourite holidays and I think the absolute best times there were when the kids were little. Every March we would go camping there with my Mum and Dad for a couple of weeks. All of my kids were only babies when they first started camping at the Slips. Days of sunshine (and pouring rain as well) spent fishing, swimming, making sandcastles and letting the kids run wild.  Meals cooked on the campfire especially fish that we had caught only hours before. The children all have special memories of those times and when they go to Mum's they always try to go to the slips and make sure it is all as it should be.

 After we came in from fishing everyone helped to clean the fish. The kids loved watching the Pelicans feeding when they were thrown scraps.

 Every night there was time spent sitting around the campfire talking about our day and cooking dinner. It was lucky these two were small and Pa had room for them both. 

 And Nanna didn't miss out either. I remember how wet this trip was and there was never a clean child to be seen, but they had so much fun. 

 I'm not sure who had the most fun on the beach building sandcastles. 

Everyday we would pump sandworm to use as bait when we went fishing. Eventually the littlies had to stop helping Pa because all their running around sent the worms too deep in the sand. They didn't like touching them anyway!

 Beach babies, cheeky ones at that!

Another favourite part of the holiday for the kids was the boat, how cute were they in their little life jackets?

Another holiday over and all packed up ready to go home.
Do you have a favourite holiday? Share it here with Lisa. 


Barb said...

Yes, family holidays are fun! Everyone relaxing at the beach, fishing or whatever you feel like doing or just having a rest. A change from the usual routine and a chance to relax with loved ones is always welcome at our place too! :)

Pam said...

What a lovely post Jackie! It's always nice to walk down memory lane.
Looks like the perfect place for a family and look at all those gorgeous pelicans I spy! lol.
I think most of my fav childhood holiday memories are of the times we spent at the beach on the Sunshine Coast in my G parents' house. x

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