Monday, August 6, 2012

My Place & Yours-Keys

MPAY this week is all about your keys. I look at my children's keys and they have one for everything, to the point that I warn them about the damage they do to their ignition with all the weight of their key rings. They live in rural cities where everything has to be locked.  My key ring has my car keys on them and that's it. The house does get locked when there is no one here but there seems to be someone around most of the time. The sheds are usually open and very, very rarely are they locked up.  Hanging up there are the back door keys (those big ones on the end), a collection of keys that only the man of the house knows where they belong and keys to my neighbour's house so I can check on him if he doesn't turn up with my paper at 6am Saturday morning.  We live in a small country town where it hasn't reached the point yet where we have to lock everything away all the time and I am glad it's like that.


Cherie said...

Oh Jackie your photo's are so lovely and your story is brilliant. You told so very much in so few words. Your post made me smile, love it and Thank You as always for playing along.

Pam said...

Nice key board/hanger Jackie. Of course loving those chookies!
Very cute dangly on your car keys! ♥

Barb said...

Yes, there are many wonderful things about being on a country property. I have special memories as a kid running around on my Grandparents' farms. On hot summer nights it was alright to leave the doors open too. BTW, I agree, cute birdie on your keyring! :)