Monday, August 6, 2012

JaM and Sweet Little Things about me.

JaM-The little things that brighten my day......

Last week was a good one for me with lots of things happening to make me smile or more. I passed my WPM and accuracy typing test for my Tafe course, which for an until recently two fingered typist is a major achievement.
My first Daffodil bloomed. My great big youngest son has learned how to hug me every time he leaves to go back to his place. 
I have had lots of wonderful emails from everywhere when I put the Closing Down sign on the door of my Web site. So much encouragement and support can be very overwhelming and will always make me smile.
I have a couple of days work coming up in my very favourite gift shop in town which I am really looking forward to, the trick is not to spend all or more of my pay in there.
It has really been a good week and I'm hoping that the changes I am slowly making in my life will bring a lot more little things to brighten my days.
There are two quotes that I have printed out and put where I can see them everyday:
You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think - AA Milne

and-          By changing nothing, nothing changes. - Tony Robbins

 It seems like I am moving on to the next phase of my life!

Sweet Little Things about Me-If I could go to the Olympics

Lisa of Sweet Little Pretties  asks us this week what sport would we like to compete in if we could go to the Olympics and of our memories of  the Olympics when we were growing up.
I don't remember the Olympics being very prominent in my life at all when I was growing up. I can't remember any special activities at school (although it has been a while since I was there)  If I'm really honest they don't hold that much interest for me now, I'm just not a watcher of sport even if it is the Olympics. I admire the dedication and abilities of the athletes and think in theory that it is a good way of promoting world peace and equality. 
This year all I hear is how badly we are doing, that there is still only one gold medal and  "What is going on with our swimming team? They are letting us down so badly"  What I don't hear is what a major achievement these athletes have attained by being chosen to attend an Olympic Games and how hard they have worked for years of their lives to get there. How on earth will our children and future champion athletes learn about being a good sport win or lose if they see the way people are treating out Olympic Athletes?
So if I could go to the Olympics it wouldn't be to compete, it would be to cheer our athletes on and tell them not to mind if they don't win as long as they did their best,  then that is good enough.

Taken from the Olympic Creed:
The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well.


Cathy said...

I totally agree! The media is being very negative this year but when you think that these athletes are the best in the world at their chosen sports, we should be celebrating the mere fact that they are there. I read a tweet today that described one of the marathons in Sydney. They said a runner from another country entered the stadium way behind the other competitors and an almighty roar went up as if they were about to win the gold...LOVE stories like that! That's what it is all about :)

Enchanted Moments said...

Was talking to my kids about this on the weekend, the fact that a gold is not won is making it like the teams are farther from the truth can you get?...just the fact they got there is amazing...its the wrong signal they are sending out to the young athletes of the world...even more reasons for me not to watch it...

Barb said...

Yes, I totally agree! The Media should support our Olympic Athletes instead of making them sound like 'losers' for not winning gold! These Athletes have worked so hard for most of their lives to get to this level. They're all winners just by being there! :) Enjoy this new stage in your life Jackie- I hope it brings lots of exciting opportunities for you. Congrats on your WPM/typing test too. BTW, the daffodil looks great- Spring is on it's way! x

Lisa - Sweet Little Pretties said...

Couldnt agree more, they need more people to cheer and encourage - unfortunately we havent won many medals but we have lots of dedicated and fantastic athletes representing our country and we should be proud of that.
Thanks for playing along xx

Andrea said...

Hi Jackie,first daffodils sure bring a smile and cheer up a grey miserable day. Congrats on passing your test....Just been reading through your last couple of posts and sounds like lots of changes happening,I think change can be great thing especially if your the one making the changes.......Sort of exciting to look forward to new challenges and experiences.
Hope you have a great week end.