Friday, January 27, 2012


I had the perfect chance to get photos of a flock of Galah's in a tree in the backyard early this morning but the dogs decided otherwise and chased them all away. Except this one,
They flew out into the paddock . 
Apart from Cockatoos, they must be one of the noisiest birds I have ever heard. Not one bit of melody in their call either!
Looking out the back it is a very typical early morning view of Australia in the middle of Summer.
But there is a promise of the cooler days of Autumn showing in the garden


Pauline said...

Hi Jackie, sure is dry yes? I know it sure is down here, we sooo need some rain, but that said, it has been nice having a summer for once..hahah I know what you mean about the dogs..they chase off anything that lands in my yard..grrrrrr

Ava said...

Just read this ...Looks dry your way too Jackie...hope you get some follow up rain xx