Monday, January 2, 2012

JaM on Monday - A Sign.

I'm joining in with Jody Pearl's new Meme JaM on Monday, The very first theme is 'a sign' and I was going to do one on those ridiculous signs on the side of the road that say'Trees close to road' but there isn't one close by that I could photograph and no photos that I could find on the net. While looking for one I found out that public outcry over the stupidity of this particular sign has forced VicRoads to rethink and take them down. At $200 a pop I hate to think what this little exercise cost!
This is a sign I did have a photo of. It is the sign Beau's (now ex) girlfriend and I made to celebrate the end of Beau, Flynn and Elly's walk from Corryong to Lakes Entrance.  We will always be so proud of the kids and what they achieved. The friendship they have will always be something just a little more for doing this as well.
Ok, so you can see how easy this little Meme is so why not pop on over to Jody Pearl's and join in?


Jody Pearl said...

Definitely a sign to be proud of - thanks for joining in!

Melissa said...

Great sign and well done, they and you must be very proud of their achievement