Friday, January 20, 2012

Getting organized

I have been playing with my fabrics a lot in the past few weeks and have really gotten over sifting through my very untidy tubs of fabric trying to find what I need. I have a habit of stuffing little bits of scrap back in a tub because I know I can get one more square or triangle out of it and overtime it has just gotten out of control.
So brilliant me decided to retrieve all these little scraps and cut them into squares. All the tubs would have in them would be large foldable pieces of fabric.

So I have sorted. folded and started and I have rapidly started to wonder if I am at all sane! It is the most fiddly time consuming job known to man, of that I am very very sure. 

But looking at the lovely baskets and boxes with the squares I have done so far ranging from 2" up to 6"  and looking at the tubs of neatly folded and sorted fabric I know that I will be happy that I persisted when  or if I ever get it finished. The hardest bit will be stopping myself from shoving little bits of fabric back in the tubs from now on and getting into the habit of cutting them as I get to them.
Today I will take a break and go to the Op Shop for the supplies I need for this weeks Jam with Jody Pearl. All being well I will get her Challenge done this afternoon.


Pam said...

Good for you Jackie! and yes! you will be soooo very glad you'd persisted once it's finished. I've been there and done that, and somehow have also managed to keep my fabric etc reasonably 'managed'! :)
It's also easier to make yourself 'just do it!' if it looks really tidy in the first place.
My studio is the most and best organised and managed area of my life at the moment! That includes physically and emotionally. It's weird the way I've managed to do that....all I need now is to catch the rest of my life up with my studio! lol x

Pam said...

p.s. It's ok, really. You're just as sane as the rest of us crafters/sewers/artists!!! mmmmmm! ;)))

Enchanted Moments said...

A tidy work area is a great feeling for those who sew/create. It really makes you want to just get back in there and make a mess in it!!!!

Sally said...

I am having real scrap management issues at the moment too. An ongoing and epic situation me thinks.