Tuesday, January 31, 2012

JaM & Tea

Jody asks us this week have you got a favourite tea pot or maybe a china tea cupand are you lucky like me and have favourite person to drink it with?

I rarely make a pot of tea because when I want a cup I want it NOW. But I do have a favourite mug. Mum gave it to me after I broke my last one.  A cup of tea just isn't the same unless you use your favourite mug and it has to be a mug not a little cup that holds only a couple of sips. It usually takes me a while to find a mug that feels right but this one was perfect.

Sometimes it is nice to have a cup and saucer and this one is pulled out of the cupboard. It is actually quite a big cup. My sister in law gave it to me years ago.  It fits perfectly in my kitchen with it's green stripes and very gorgeous chooks.
Usually I drink me tea whereever, sitting at the table at lunch, at the computer while typing Blog posts like this, in my chair in the lounge room reading a book and sometimes outside somewhere. Never in the sewing room because I usually find it half full and cold somewhere because I get distracted.
So where do you drink your tea and do you use a cup or a mug, a bag or a pot?
Pop over to Jody's for more tea stories.


Jody Pearl said...

Has to be a fine china cup for me with an Irish or English Breakfast tea bag cos like you I need it now!

Thanks for joining in Jackie.

Pam said...

Love the cup and saucer Jackie, which of course goes without saying! lol. Can't go wrong with green and chookies hey? x

mel @ loved said...

I used to love my tea, now I have my super strong coffee in the morning & then it's hot water for the rest of the day..but always in my favourite cup! I love your chook cup & saucer..x

Melissa said...

I understand all the about the perfect mug, it's got to be just right or the tea doesn't taste the same.
Have a great day

RoseMary said...

OMG, I love the tea cup with the chicken, my type of cup. I love chickens. We need to do mug rugs.

check out my tea set on my blog, I missed the link to JAM.