Friday, January 20, 2012

JaM - Easy-Peasy Comfort Bag Challenge

It's not often I post to my Blog twice in one day but I did say this morning that I was going to try and get my Bag done for Jody Pearl's Challenge.
I managed to get everything I needed at the Op Shop this morning which is amazing because usually if you go in there for something specific they don't have it! As it was I got the only two ties in the shop!
 I didn't really need another bag and decided that if I was going to do this I would do two and give them to my brother's gorgeous girls. Maybe they can use them when they go to the Pool?
I made them both fairly similar because you know how sisters can argue over the littlest things. The red one has a Vintage buckle instead of a tab and a sweet vintage lace motif on the end of the piece of tie that holds the bag shut. I did do the jeans pocket on the inside and made a loop at the skinny end of the handle to hang things on. I managed to part with some vintage buttons which I sewed to the centre of the lace doileys.
This one is pretty much the same but in greens. It has a Vintage metal buckle and a small vintage button on the lace flower on the bit that holds the bag shut.
They really didn't take too long to make and once they were made I kept thinking of other ways I could have decorated them. Maybe I can do some more another day?????
Thanks Jody it was a fun Challenge. For more bags or maybe even to make a bag yourself go to  re-inventing fashion blogspot and join up with this weeks JaM


Jody Pearl said...

I applaud you - 2 in one day - you'd have to win 'Aunty of the Year' for that effort!

They're beautiful- lucky girls.

Thanks for joining in Jackie and I promise the next JaM wont be sooo challenging.

Jenny's Craft Place said...

Jackie, they both look great! Not too sure if you solved the decision-making of who gets which one though :) Happy crafting, Jenny

Pam said...

Clever chook you! :) Two in one go Jackie! Well done.
I was going to try for two but ran out of time for what I wanted to do with the second. Loving the vintage buttons, of course. x

H said...

Gorgeous bags and I love your skinny tie end loop idea and the buckle closure. My bag still has just the flap and a pin holding it shut but I think I love your buckle idea! I have a few of those tucked away, so tomorrow I think I'll finish that one off.

quilary said...

Fabulous bags! I love all the recycled beauty in them.

Garima said...

bags look so eye catching , love to have one :) and that's great you've posted twice a day :)